Class mottoes

Jun 2, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Familiar themes are expressed; let opportunity be highest among them

High school seniors normally aren't called upon to express the profound, but at graduation time they do choose a short class motto intended to sum up their feelings. The Ranger's recent graduation edition included the class mottoes of Fremont County's high school graduates.

At Dubois High School, the eight grads quoted the actress and mid-20th century gadfly Tallulah Bankhead's line "If I had to live my life again, I would make the same mistakes -- only sooner."

There's lots of life ahead, grads. The huge majority of it, in fact. It's highly unlikely that any mistake you've made so far makes it too late for anything. Funny line, though.

Pathfinder High School chose a message for underdogs, including the words "to stand tall when everyone is pulling you down (is) what make(s) a champion."

Perseverance is an invaluable personal trait that will only gain in importance as life beyond high school continues. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

We had a typographical error when printing the Wind River High School motto. For the record, it is "A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for."

There aren't many better times to explore the opportunities in life than the years immediately after high school. Sail on. But speaking of ships, having a safe harbor when you need it is a good idea, too.

Wyoming Indian High School graduates opted for the following: "The past is my heritage, the present is my responsibility, the future is my challenge."

It also is your opportunity. If you are fortunate, many good opportunities await. Missing them would become part of your heritage as well. Stay alert and prepared.

Arapahoe Charter High School chose a shorter way to say it: "Carpe diem."

If you don't know Latin, seize the day and look it up.

"Be careful who you call crazy," reads the Shoshoni High School motto. "Some of us think it's a compliment."

We human beings usually can't resist slapping labels on each other. Many of them are to be avoided. As for "crazy," here's one definition: "Passionate; intensely enthusiastic." Here's another: "Senseless. Deranged. Totally unsound and impractical."

The choice is yours.

The past-present-future theme emerged as well at Riverton High School, which marched Fremont County's biggest class of graduates this year -- 160: "Remember the rewards of today, the promises of tomorrow, and never forget yesterday."

High school is a time and place of fond memories for many people. Those are to be cherished, of course. But the good thing about the past is that can be put behind you if you want to or need to. The future is where the action is.

Lander Valley High School's senior class showed its youthful exuberance with this motto, a quote from actor Robert Downey Jr.: "Listen, smile, agree ... and then do what you were going to do anyway."

Your teachers, coaches, future professors, drill sergeants, employers and spouses might beg to differ a bit on that one. But it's graduation time. What better time for possibilities to seem limitless?

Fort Washakie High School had the county's smallest body of 2014 graduates -- three. They chose a motto with a fireworks theme that includes both "let us sparkle brightly, always," and "until that moment comes when we vanish."

Past, present, future. Seize the day. Responsibility. Passion. Heritage. Opportunity. Especially opportunity.

Graduates, the fuse is lit. Be sparklers.

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