Tuesday notes

Jun 3, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Water watching

Central Fremont County dodged a wet bullet over the weekend when the Wind River stayed within its banks for the most part, particularly among more-populated areas.

As demonstrated by our front-page photo spread on Sunday, that wasn't the case everywhere in the county, but the kind of flooding that seemed highly possible, even probable on Friday morning had not come to pass by Sunday night -- even with the tub-thumper of a thunderstorm that drenched the Riverton area at the odd time of 5 a.m. Sunday.

Remember, everyone, things can change in a hurry this time of year. Don't lose a bet with high water.

Mining edition

Work has been ongoing on the 59th annual Ranger Mining and Energy Edition for some time now, and the first section of our biggest newspaper of the year is set to come off the press Thursday.

Fair warning to newspaper carriers and customers: We're expecting at least five sections in addition to the daily paper on June 18. That's a much bigger paper than you normally will deliver and receive. Please prepare accordingly.

News on the radio

In another newspaper tidbit, recently we've marked the one-year anniversary of the "Ranger News Brief" on radio station KTUG in Riverton, also known by its on-air nickname The Pulse at 105.1 FM.

Our little newscast is a far cry from Paul Harvey of the Voice of America, but it has been an enjoyable job which we're happy to continue into year two. It's on the air five times a day, usually six days a week.

The Ranger News Brief also is a feature of our newspaper website, and it was cited positively last winter when the Wyoming Press Association honored it as one of two Pacemaker Award winners for best newspaper website.

Speaking of, we are aware of the increasing problem faced by users who get the message that the site is too busy to allow access. While we wish that were the real reason for the hangup, we doubt it. We are working on a solution -- probably involving a new website host -- which should be in place by next week. Meanwhile, many users who have reported the problem say it goes away when they go to the individual news headings -- "news," "sports," "community," etc. Worth a try.

And we'll keep publishing The Ranger in ink on paper -- a highly sophisticated technology of its own, by the way.

New carbon rules

After years of anticipation, the federal government's new rules on carbon dioxide emissions have been filed by the Environmental Protection Agency. The new standards are getting huge publicity now that they finally are formal, but in truth they don't mean a whole lot for the time being. Given the long public comment period required, the mandated implementation time for each state to decide how to comply, and the inevitable legal challenges that seem to greet almost everything the EPA does, the rules are unlikely to take effect before 2016 even if implemented exactly as written.

It's not time for Wyoming to stick its head in the sand, but it's not quite time to panic yet, either. This play is a long way from its final act.

Hockey in summer

The annual oddity of the two major American winter sports -- hockey and basketball -- reaching their professional championship playoffs in June -- is upon us again. This year, the National Hockey League and National Basketball Association finals are starting at virtually the same time, so it's possible that the most wintry of team sports, hockey, might still be playing in the week summer begins. And if the NBA series goes all seven games, the champ could be crowned on the first day of summer (if the game stretches past midnight eastern time).

The TV programmers finally have their dream series -- a matchup between teams from the two biggest media markets -- when the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings meet for the Stanley Cup. This figures to be a defensive showcase. An interesting bet would be whether 20 goals will be scored in the entire series.

We'll go with the Kings, who have found a way to win against big odds in three playoff series already.

In the NBA, it's a rematch of last year's finals between the Spurs and the Heat. It's hard to see how the aging Spurs could beat the prime-of-life Heat, but anyone who remembers last year's finals knows Miami needed a double dose of lucky breaks to defeat San Antonio in seven games.

But betting against LeBron James in the finals doesn't make sense. Miami in five or six.

Here's to a good week.

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