Cheyenne businessman Murray part of bid slate in secretary of state campaign

Jun 9, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Republican Ed Murray of Cheyenne used a recent Fremont County tour to meet with local officials and voters to build support for his campaign for Wyoming Secretary of State.

Murray announced his decision to run soon after Secretary of State Max Maxfield said in March that he wouldn't seek a third term.

His skills, extensive business background, education and talents, Murray said, are a "perfect match" at the right time to pursue a run for office -- a different route from his previous experience. He said he would not have run for the position if Maxfield had decided to run. Murray said he is not dissatisfied with Maxfield's tenure.

"In fact, in my own businesses I've worked with that office extensively the last 25 years, so I've grown to see how they really are there to serve the people," Murray said. "And I want to continue that legacy."

A fourth-generation Wyoming native, Murray's experience with starting new businesses began when he became owner of a family-owned real estate investment and development company.

"During that time I've seen explosive growth in government in terms of rules and regulations, and it's becoming almost impossible for the small businessman to succeed in the free market," Murray said. "So I've been very much impacted and influenced by what I've experienced first hand in wanting to take my perspective into government."

Murray is opposed for the Republican nomination by Clark Stith, Ed Buchanan and Pete Illoway. Jennifer Young has filed from the Wyoming Constitution Party. No Democrats filed for the Aug. 19 primary election.

Murray said his extensive experience in the private sector, gives him an advantage in the race that other candidates don't have.

"I know and understand the perspective of a private businessman, which will be instrumental and important in what I bring to the boards on which the secretary of state sits," Murray said.

The secretary of state sits on the State Loan Investment Board, the State Board of Land Commis-sioners, and the State Building Commission, among others.

Murray has served on several boards and organizations including the Laramie County Community College Found-ation, Cheyenne LEADS, and the Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development.

He didn't describe himself as a politician, however. He said he agreed with a Founding Father principle that the future of the country would depend on ordinary citizens. Murray's interests, if elected as secretary of state, include advancing business-friendly technology and diligent work toward monitoring fraud. He also pledged to ensure transparency, constitutionality and accountability while serving on the state boards.

"I will advocate for reinvestment of a greater portion of our Wyoming wealth back into our local communities, back into our local towns, cities and counties," he said.

"I bring a passion in vision to the office because of my business background and because of my love for Wyoming."

Murray attended events in Fremont County including the Cowboy Joe Golf tournament in Riverton and a Conservative PAC Men's breakfast in Lander. He visited with Mayor Ron Warpness of Riverton and Mayor Mick Wolfe of Lander as well.

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