Tuesday notes

Jun 10, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Vote for me

Thankfully, political season still starts a bit later in Wyoming than in most other states, but it most definitely has arrived. Expect candidates to crisscross Fremont County from now through August in all of the contested races.

A couple of the secretary of state candidates, Stith and Murray, passed through earlier, and over the weekend gubernatorial candidate Cindy Hill was in the county, traveling with state superintendent candidate Sheryl Lain (a former Riverton resident), and another secretary of state hopeful, Jennifer Young.

And that's to say nothing of the local candidates. Sheriff Skip Hornecker and challenger Mark Stone were among the Fremont County office-seekers appearing at the same event as Hill, Lain and Young.

Keep your eyes and ears open, voters. It's still pretty easy to talk to political candidates in our state, and the next couple of months are prime time for doing it. Our county is important politically, and only an unwise candidate doesn't realize it.

Press time

On the newspaper housekeeping front, our usual Diversions section will take the week off again Sunday. We're using the press room time to produce the 59th annual Ranger mining edition. Three press runs on the big edition are done so far, and we'll need the Thursday press time to do another couple. (Yes, you read it right -- Diversions, which typically is Section B of the Sunday paper, actually prints Thursday mornings.)

Mining edition day is June 18.

Smoother online

Ranger staffers who look after the news website completed their intended work over the weekend, which we trust will resolve the online access problems users had experienced with the site the previous couple of weeks. As compensation for the trouble, we'll probably offer to extend the subscriptions for online readers who pay for deeper access to the site. Keep an eye out for those details.

Wednesday market

Early reviews of the new location for Riverton's Wednesday afternoon farmers market seem positive for the most part. Drive-by visibility clearly is better than it was on North Broadway Avenue, no small consideration when you are trying to grow the event week to week. And so far, at least, there seems to be adequate room for the vendors. Those numbers grow as the season progresses, of course, so that will be an interesting test in the weeks ahead.

What the farmers market really needs is a some calmer afternoons. Every location is made better when the weather is nice, and vice versa.

Breathing easier

Our newspaper office receives a couple of different hydrology reports as irrigation season -- and potential flood season -- gets closer. One ceased operations for the season a couple of weeks ago, and on Monday we got the final edition of the second one until next winter.

What it means is that we've reached the part of the year when the water-watching experts no longer feel it's vital to issue regional reports on snowpack, snowmelt, runoff and flood risk.

Flooding still can happen under unexpected weather circumstances that can generate flash floods, but for the most part it looks as if we skated through the worst of this year's considerable flood risk largely unscathed. Let's all issue a collective "whew!"

California Chrome

Triple Crown in horse racing? Apparently it can't be done. Most people alive in American today have never seen it, and those who can remember it shouldn't expect to see it accomplished again.

All it takes is one super horse to disprove the theory, but there hasn't been one of those for nigh on 40 years. It certainly wasn't California Chrome. Wait until next year -- or next decade.

Seize the season

Meanwhile, these are the longest days of the year in terms of daylight, and often some of the most pleasant as well. Head to the front porch, the side deck, the backyard or just a lawn chair next to the garage, and take advantage of the season. Six months from now the sun will be down at 4:30 in the afternoon, and sitting outside for dinner -- or breakfast -- won't be an option.

Here's to a good week.

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