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City 'totally wrong' to do away with alley trash service

Jun 6, 2014 - Kevin Medlen, Riverton


Regarding the city trying to quit doing trash pickup from dumpsters in the alleys, I think it is totally wrong to force that on people.

On a lot of streets in Riverton, the one thing the houses all have in common is a garbage can out front. Lots of people never bother to push the roll-out back to the house or the garage, or where ever. They just leave it out there by the sidewalk all the time. It is gross and very unsightly.

The other thing is, when the street has a lot of cars parked along the sidewalk, there is no way to push the roll-out to a place where the truck will pick it up. So the truck can't stop, and the roll-out sits there another week with trash overflowing.

New parts of town don't have alleys, so there is no choice there. But in places where the alleys were built I feel the city should keep using dumpsters.

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