New bunkhouse at CWC Sinks Canyon Center could house students this fall

Jun 11, 2014 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Work has been ongoing at the Central Wyoming College Sinks Canyon Center this season, including new construction and renovations to accommodate more for-credit students.

A new bunkhouse at the site will house 24 students, and the old SCC Orchard House is being renovated for dormitory use. Seven existing student cabins recently received energy efficiency upgrades.

CWC maintenance technician and carpenter Hunter Roseberry said the Orchard House will become a "very attractive selling point" for future outdoor education students. Fire alarms and sprinklers have been added to the building along with bathrooms in the basement and new sheetrock, paint, doors, furniture and equipment throughout.

In an e-mail, Roseberry said construction of the bunkhouse is "moving along nicely." Concrete work already had been completed, and he said it looks "top notch." Framing work was nearly completed as of May 15, and plumbers, electricians and fire suppression contractors were set to arrive later to start working on the interior of the structure.

The $804,000 bunkhouse is scheduled for completion and occupancy by the beginning of the fall 2014 semester.

Other projects

SDI Construction is preparing a proposal for a parking lot on the west side of the Popo Agie River across from the SCC.

"The lot will provide a nice access from Field Station Road and enough parking for large events (and) school field trips," he said. "Hopefully (it will) provide the primary parking in the future with hopes of a more pedestrian campus."

Roseberry said the parking lot will be built in an area where CWC hopes to build student housing in the future. The lot and associated pathways will be illuminated by solar-powered, light-emitting diode fixtures.

CWC is soliciting a quote for the drilling of an additional well at the SCC that will be used for irrigation and to provide backup water power. Roseberry said the center currently has only one well.

A list is being compiled for major maintenance at the SCC's Fremont Hall, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls; lighting upgrades, floor coverings, classroom upgrades and paint.

Earlier projects

In March, a professional staff report to the CWC Board of Trustees outlined work to reinforce the main bridge leading to the SCC. Two large, concrete blocks were set below the structure and equipped with upright steel posts that were fastened to the steel I-beams under the deck, making it possible for the bridge to carry loads of up to 65,000 pounds. The structure previously could handle up to 34,000-pound limit, according to the report.

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