Old Riverton schoolmates sought from mid-1980s

Jun 11, 2014 Justin S. Myhre, Springfield, Mo.


I'm from Riverton but am living now in Springfield, Mo., but I used to live on East Park Ave. for most of my life, then later as an adult on Smith Road.

I attended both the original Lincoln Elementary and Riverton Middle School before my family moved to Casper in 1989. My grandad, George S. Jacoby, operated a road grader for the county road department, and my grandmother, Ana Jacoby and my mother, Jennie Jacoby were both stay-at-home, caring for me and my siblings. I even remember winning a bicycle the old Kmart store and going fishing in Lander and in the Wind River Canyon. Wonderful memories. Some of my teachers were Carl Andre and Signe Aspinwall, who will be greatly missed.

I would like to ask for your readers' help in locating some of my classmates which I have not been able to find. I would like to try to locate what would have been the graduating classes of both 1990 and 1991. That's because I was held back in sixth grade in 1986, but I had friends in both groups. Over the years I did have contact with some of them, but I would just like to find who were my friends, those who inspired me and made a positive impact on me so many years ago, and just to say hello. I do thank anyone who can help. I attended RMS from 1986-88. Contact me at (417) 227-0048.

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