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Sinks Canyon visitors get 'rare' sightings of bear, moose

Jun 12, 2014 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

Recent bear and moose sightings in Sinks Canyon State Park have been labeled as "somewhat rare" by park officials.

Sinks Canyon Visitor Center superintendent Darrel Trembly said the sightings have occurred in recent weeks.

Trembly said a group of students from the National Outdoor Leadership School spotted the bear in May while they were camping in the park's Popo Agie Campground.

"They kept their heads and made noise and the bear went up a tree," Trembly said.

A couple of days later, the bear was found to have gone through garbage at the campground.

Trembly said the park contacted the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to have the bear trapped, which occurred shortly after. On May 19 the bear was relocated to Cody.

He said he has not seen a bear go through garbage in Sinks Canyon during his 23 years at the center.

"We are currently working on getting bear-proof garbage cans," Trembly said.

He added that earlier this week, a couple also spotted a moose on the nature trail.

He said they were staying in the Popo Agie Campground and spotted the moose across the river.

He noted it is typical to see "bigger critters" in early spring and see bears in fall especially when food still is abundant.

Trembly said it is more typical to see moose in the winter when they migrate into the canyon.

"It was a surprise to us they saw the moose," Trembly said.

The Sinks Canyon Visitors Center is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day through Labor Day.

The center posts recent sightings of animals seen throughout the state park.

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