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Tuesday notes

Jun 17, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Summer is near?

Four days before the official start of summer, we're not getting very summery weather. These cool, mostly cloudy days aren't what we're accustomed to in Wyoming, but they aren't all that hard to take either.

Farmers working to get a crop out of the ground might disagree. They might wish for some high heat right about now. Word from the fields is that the timing of late-spring moisture and warmth -- and we've had both this year -- hasn't been all that helpful.

As for the rest of us, are we really missing 96 degrees in the shade? Even if we are, just give it time. July and August are on the way.

Mining edition

Speaking of the start of summer, Wednesday brings an annual rite of that time of year in our newspaper office. It's The Ranger's 59th annual Mining and Energy Edition.

This year's edition -- the biggest paper we'll publish this year and one of the biggest to roll off any press in the state in 2014 -- comes to 62 pages. Among the elements that bring extra work to The Ranger staff in preparing and printing the edition is its sheer size -- about five times larger than a weekday Ranger and twice as big as our biggest Sunday edition.

That can foul up normal delivery procedures, particularly if you are an 11-year-old on a bike or roller blades. If you are a Ranger carrier, expect a much bigger load Wednesday. If you are a delivery customer, please have patience with your carrier (more than usual, that is).

Advertising manager

We are pleased and excited to welcome Cathy Cline to The Ranger staff as our new director of advertising. Cathy brings an unprecedented resume of experience and success in newspaper ads and promotion to us, having been in management positions for Gannett Newspapers and Gatehouse Media, among others. She has a college degree in graphic design, advanced business training from Stanford University, and extensive experience in newspaper circulation, classified advertising and online promotions. Plus, she has Wyoming ties.

In the days ahead, visitors to our office and our advertising customers across Fremont County will be meeting Cathy. Please help make her welcome in our community as she, her husband, Bob, and their dog and two cats make their home among us. We couldn't be more pleased to have her aboard.

Eyes on Gillette air service

Noted with interest is the City of Gillette's stated intention to recruit a new airline to serve its busy airport. Gillette is a bigger city now than Riverton and Lander combined, but the population of Campbell County is about the same as Fremont County's, and its airline requirements are similar.

A recent newspaper photograph there showed passengers alongside a Brasilia 120 airplane of the type used by Great Lakes Airlines at Riverton Regional. That airline doesn't serve Gillette, but it's apparent that regional airline service there is affected by the same problems plaguing Great Lakes here since new federal regulations took effect last year making it much harder for smaller airlines to staff all their flights.

Fremont County, which is contemplating an airline recruitment effort as well, will want to keep an eye on the doings in Gillette.

Tiger who?

It's been 15 years since Tiger Woods got so little mention at a major golf championship. He's been injured most of the PGA season and wasn't much of a factor in the tournaments he played before undergoing back surgery.

Golf schedulers and TV programmers always want Woods in the field and playing well, but it was good this year that the golf media didn't spend a whole lot of time engaged in Tigertalk during the just-completed U.S. Open. There was another story there, a much better one than gossiping about Woods. Martin Kaymer was in a league of his own, leading from wire to wire and never facing even the hint of a threat from anyone else. Final margin of victory: 8 strokes.

That's the kind of domination we're accustomed to seeing from ... oops, here were are -- talking about You Know Who again.

All Spurs

Unless you happen to be a specific, dedicated fan of the Miami Heat, it was greatly satisfying to see the San Antonio Spurs beat the over-hyped all-stars from South Beach in the pro basketball finals. And anyone who says pro hoops has deteriorated into little more than one-on-one showdowns with most players standing around watching would have been happy to see the older, team-oriented Spurs play magnificent defense on LeBron James & Co. while displaying the kind of pass-first, shoot-later style of offense that would make any junior high basketball player proud.

(Pssst... The Spurs have won five NBA titles in 15 years. This is one of the all-time great franchises, in case you hadn't noticed.)

Here's to a good week.

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