Get ready for more budget cuts, warns Gov. Mead

Apr 24, 2012 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE -- Falling energy revenues have prompted Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead to order state agency directors to prepare for even deeper cuts to their budgets next year.

The governor also placed an immediate cap on the number of state workers.

Mead sent a memo to state agency directors on Friday directing them to prepare for 8-percent budget cuts in the fiscal year that starts July 2013.

That cut is twice what the Wyoming Legislature had directed state agencies to prepare for earlier this year.

The larger cuts apply to all agencies except the Wyoming Department of Health, which was already under orders to trim spending.

Mead also directed state agencies not to add to the total number of state workers. Renny MacKay, spokesman for the governor, said Monday that agencies may replace workers who leave state employment, but they may not increase their overall workforce.

"The price of natural gas has continued to decline and the revenue outlook at this point in time remains somber,"Mead wrote to directors. "For these reasons, I believe it necessary for us to implement precautionary measures."

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