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Responding to districting suit, state says plaintiffs fall short

Apr 24, 2012 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE (AP) -- Wyoming's attorney general wants a district judge in Cheyenne to dismiss a lawsuit fighting the state's redistricting plan.

Judge Greg Phillips filed the state's response last week, arguing the proper procedures weren't followed to qualify the seven plaintiffs to be eligible for a class-action suit.

The residents sued earlier this month in Laramie County District Court to try to overturn the Legislature's recently adopted redistricting work.

They argue the plan doesn't adequately represent some of the state's more sparsely populated counties.

Phillips also says the residents, as individuals, have not proven they meet the threshold that they have a proven personal stake in the outcome in the case.

But the plaintiffs' attorney, Nick Carter, says his clients do have a stake because they live in affected districts.

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