Unusual June snowfall hits county, other areas of state

Jun 19, 2014 From staff reports

The National Weather Service says areas in Fremont County and Wyoming received up to 9 inches of snow this week.

Snow was reported in Dubois and in numerous mountain locations. Summer begins officially Saturday.

The agency says a remote snow measuring device in Sublette County in western Wyoming recorded the most snowfall.

Measuring devices in other areas recorded up to 7 inches in Teton County, 6 inches in Lincoln County as well as Yellowstone National Park and 5 inches in Fremont and Park counties.

Snow also fell in lower elevations, including 3.5 inches in Evanston.

The Weather Service says mid-June snow is unusual but not unheard of in the western mountains of Wyoming but is rarer in lower elevations. As summer begins this weekend, the National Weather Service says more normal weather conditions can be expected.

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