An idea with merit

Feb 9, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

A few local boy scouts are working toward merit badges through an Eagle Scout project that requires them, among many other things, to write a letter to the editor. The first one runs today, elsewhere on this page.

This is a pleasant surprise for us, and we're happy to oblige. It's hard to find an organization with a better reputation than Scouting. Through the decades, our newspaper has brought hundreds of names and faces to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts through our news columns and photographs.

Next month, in fact, we'll partner with Girl Scouts of America in a combined local and national promotion to recognize the Girl Scouts on their 100th anniversary.

Before then, the local Eagle Scout candidates are writing their letters. Both the boys and The Ranger hope you'll look over their words in the coming days. They are heartfelt and have the ring of sincerity that only a letter written by a Boy Scout could have.

We congratulate the boys on their good work and thank their scout leaders for including the newspaper in the merit badge process. A letter can be written and delivered to a single address. It can be posted on the Internet, recited on the telephone, read on the radio, broadcast on television, spray painted on a wall, conveyed via semaphore, tapped out with Morse code or chiseled in stone.

Each of these methods of communication has its merit. But let's face it: There's a certain something about having your letter printed in the local newspaper. The same goes for your pictures, your news story, your birth, your obituary, your wedding and your advertisement.

You might say the concept has merit worthy of a badge. Good luck to the Eagle candidates.

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