Second Run Like a Bighorn set for July

Jun 23, 2014 From staff reports

After "overwhelming success" in its first year, Sinks Canyon State Park will host a second annual Run Like a Bighorn trail run in July.

The race will begin at 7 a.m. July 19 with registration beginning at 6 a.m. at the Sawmill Campground. Runners and walkers may also pre-register at the Sinks Canyon Visitor Center. The registration fee is $20 for adults and $10 for kids under age 13. This fee includes an official race T-shirt.

Organizers said the Run Like a Bighorn trail run in 2013 brought out a large group of runners of all ages who had the chance to take on the diverse terrain in the canyon.

Over the course of the run they had to chug up steep hillsides, scramble over and around boulders, negotiate tight switchbacks, go up to the steep cliffs towering over the canyon, then back down again for a footrace to the finish.

The trail run is measured at 5.9 miles.

The event raised money to get Bam Bam the infamous Sinks Canyon Bighorn brought back to the canyon as a full mount display in the park's visitor center. This year's run will raise money for additional displays, including a full mount mule deer.

The run in the canyon is different from the other runs in the area, because of its challenging nature. The organizers say that people are welcome to walk or hike the route as well.

The park also is asking for the community's help in the run.

"We are looking for local businesses and organizations to help sponsor the race," said Darrel Trembly, park superintendent. "Every dollar we raise goes directly to the park and will make every visitor's experience better."

Trembly said sponsors will be listed on the official race T-shirt and will be able to display banners, merchandise or other materials at the park on the day of the race.

"Sponsors may choose to simply give funds, or sponsor individual items such as waterbottles and racer's numbers," Trembly said.

The park also is asking for volunteers to help with the race.

"We need folks to help mark the trail, sign racers in, be timers on race days, and lots of other jobs," Trembly said.

To help with the race or be a sponsor, call the park at 332-6333.

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