County students selected as winners at state history day

Jun 27, 2014 From staff reports

The top two entries in each category at the Wyoming competition advanced to the National History Day event June 15 to June 19.

Judges selected winners in the Wyoming History Day competition held in April at the University of Wyoming.

Participating students in the junior division (grades 6-8) and senior division (grades 9-12) from throughout the state entered projects in one of five categories depicting this year's theme, "Rights and Responsibilities in History."

The categories were papers, documentaries, performances, exhibits and websites. The top two entries in each category at the state competition advanced to the National History Day competition June 15 to June 19 at the University of Maryland in College Park, Md.

Additionally, 24 special awards were presented to the students, including two new awards sponsored by the UW College of Engineering and Applied Science and the UW School of Energy Resources.

Four Wyoming teachers were recognized for their contributions to History Day and excellence in promoting the study of history by their students, including two from Fremont County: Gayla Hammer of Lander Middle School, Wyoming Patricia Behring Teacher Ambassador, and Kristy Richmond of Riverton High School, Wyoming Senior Division Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year.

First-, second- and third-place Wyoming History Day winners in junior and senior categories, listed by hometown, are:


- Becky Cecrle, Lauren Fontaine and Elise Haase, third place, junior group performance, "The American Draft: The Rights and Responsibilities of American Draft Dodgers during the Vietnam War"

- Bridger Kimber, first place, junior individual documentary’ś "The Hippocratic Oath"

- William Atnip, second place, junior individual documentary, "37"

- James Whiting, third place, junior individual exhibits, "The Equality State"

- Silas Goetz, second place, junior individual exhibits, "Sight Set on Wildlife"

- Abby Hamilton and McKenzie Mann-Wood, first place, junior group documentary, "Dream House for Misfits: Nellie Bly and Her Effect on the Rights and Responsibilities of the Instituted Insane"

- Jordan Troxel, first place, junior individual performance, "Liebeck vs. McDonald's: Was Justice Served"

- Noah Gans, second place, junior individual performance, "The Homestead Act and American Democracy"

- Alexis Fontaine and Leah Brown, second place, junior group exhibits, "Seeing Double"

- Chase Bolding and Jedediah Welsh, first place, junior group exhibits, "Rules of Engagement"

- Fiachra Rottinghaus, second place, junior papers, "The Place of John F. Kennedy's 'Religion Speech' in Understanding the Rights and Responsibilities of U.S. Catholic Politicians"

- Li Platz, first place, junior papers, "The One-Child Policy"

- Sadie Thatch and Sydney Polson, first place, senior group documentary, "A Question of Loyalty, Civil Rights and Responsibilities: Heart Mountain Draft Resisters."


- Dietrik Becker and Elija Dvorak, third place, senior group documentary, "Terrestrial Missile Basing on the Plains of Wyoming"

- Sarah McDonald, Drew Thornton and Taylor DeVries, second place, senior group documentary, "Bosnian Genocide"

- Kiley Ridgway, Kenisha Muehler and Savannah Salisbury, second place, senior group exhibits, "Assimilation Policies and Boarding Schools"

- Camey Fegler, Jerit Dion and Courtney Olson, first place, senior group exhibits, "Eugenics"

- McKenna Christopherson, third place, senior papers, "Indentured Servants"

- Reed Campbell, second place, senior papers, "Establishment Clause"

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