Little League all-star teams set

Jun 27, 2014 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Two Riverton Little League all-star teams were announced Thursday night at Ron Saban Baseball Complex.

Riverton has entered a 9- and 10-year-old all-star team, and an 11- and 12-year-old team for postseason play next month.

Juston Gaston was selected to manage the older all-star team.

Travis Draper manages the younger all-stars.

"It's a good bunch of kids," Riverton Little League president Mark Reinig said. "We will see what happens when they go to districts. You just never know what you have until you get there."

The coaches and players both participated in picking the two teams.

"The managers get a higher percentage, but all the kids get a say in it."

The two teams have 13 players apiece.

"It gives the younger guys more baseball experience," Reinig said of fielding the younger team.

Draper has managed the 9-10 all-stars before. This is Gaston's first time as an all-star manager.

"With his regular season record, Justin knows what he is doing," Reinig said.


"We have a great group of kids," Gaston said. "I think that every single one of them is willing to work hard to achieve what they want to set as their goals."

The 12-year-old all-stars are Jereko Martinez, Connor Gaston, Ridge Briggs, Vincent Brown, Dillon Lange, and Kendrick Muehler.

"The balanced of the age groups wasn't planned," Gaston said. "There are some really good 11-year-old kids in the league this year."

The 11-year-olds are Brock Hinkle, Tyler McKiernan, Damon DeVries, Trystan Truempler, Treyson Draper and Kaden DeWitt.

"We are just going to focus in on doing the little things that takes to win," Gaston said.

Jeremy Martinez and Rich Lange are the assistant coaches.


"We have about six 10-year-olds and seven 9-year-olds," manager Draper said. "We don't have a lot of experience, but we hope to gain experience before we go to districts in Bridger Valley."

The players on the Riverton roster are Dallon Draper, Dawsen Valerio, Paxton Rees, Tyler Polk, Shawn Brown, Nathan Hutchinson, Elijah Hernandez, Christopher Reinig, Rhett Stover, Jason Vincent, Garrett Raymond, Lucas Engle and Jace Winfield.

"We will gain that experience in as much practice as we can get and as many games as we can get in," Draper said.

Riverton has a couple of weeks of practice time before the district tournament.

"When you take people off six different teams, and you put them all together in one group, we try to get everybody on the same page," Draper said.

Nelson Valerio and David Reese are the assistant coaches.

"I'm excited for the assistant coaches," Draper said. "We have to have as many people helping out as we can."

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