Change traffic law for bikes

Jun 30, 2014 Sally Gregory, Powell


Recently I read in the local newspaper about the deaths of two bicyclists killed in crashes in Wyoming.

In at least one of them, the victim was struck from behind. This reinforces my thoughts that the law requiring bicyclists to ride on the right, with their backs to advancing traffic, is a bad law.

As a bicyclist myself, I feel that every vehicle that comes up behind me or any cyclist is a potential danger. Weare not separated by a lane, but by only a few feet.

However, if the cyclist can see the oncoming vehicle, and if it begins to swerve out of its own lane, the cyclist may be able to avoid impact.

This is absolutely impossible if the cyclist is having to ride on the right.

In addition to this, as in my case, many older people cannot hear traffic approaching them from behind, and depend that much more on sight, putting them that much more at risk.

If you feel the same about this, I hope you will contact your lawmakers and see if this law could be changed. Seems to me it certainly needs to be.

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