Fastpitch softball team has wide geographic mix

Jun 30, 2014 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Allyson Sollars of Lander doesn't mind playing for the Riverton U.S. Energy fastpitch softball team this summer.

In fact, Sollars had it high on her list this summer to play for Riverton manager Mark Stone.

Sollars will be a Lander Valley High School sophomore this fall.

"It's really neat because in Lander it wasn't super competitive," Sollars said. "From moving to a recreational league to this is a really big change."

It didn't take long for Sollars to achieve her goal.

"They were really welcoming," Sollars said of her Riverton teammates.

Casper, RS as well

Rock Springs and Casper also have players on the team.

"It's like a foster family because we don't see each other all the time," said Jordan Love of Rock Springs. "It's like a reunion when we are together. It's really a different environment."

Love has played fastpitch ball for a number of years in Rock Springs.

Pitcher Caroline DeWitt of Casper enjoys the family atmosphere created by the other U.S. Energy players.

"It does use a lot of money because you play on a team that is two hours away," DeWitt said.

Love has played fastpitch for years.

"I really love fastpitch because I have been playing it all my life," she said, crediting her father for getting her started.

"Basically, my dad wanted me to play a sport," she said.


The other four players from Rock Springs are Randy Miller, Shanice Webb, Kaycee Stevenson and Payton Sweet.

Riverton's biggest rivalry this year is Rock Springs.

"It's tough because they really don't like us any more," Love said. "It's hard playing with them because I play with them in the family and everything."

Riverton defeated Rock Springs in the championship match earlier this month at the annual U.S. Energy fastpitch tournament.

"They are a good team with or without us," Love said. "They do take fastpitch pretty serious in Rock Springs."

U.S. Energy went undefeated in one of the competitive Rock Springs leagues.

Riverton players are Katelyn Jennings, Hernandez, Andrea Roseno and Kendall Krumland.

The state fastpitch tournament takes place in Riverton next month.

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