Baker, Tharp help Wyoming 6-man stars whip Nebraska

Jul 1, 2014 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

The Wyoming 6-man all-star team used a powerful running game to whip Nebraska 68-26 on Saturday in Bladen, Neb.

Sterling Baker of Dubois scored two rushing touchdowns in the victory for Wyoming in the annual interstate football game.

Austin Tharp was the other Dubois player in the game. Tharp played defensive end and center for Wyoming's all-stars.

Trembly was the defensive coordinator for the game.

"We only threw two passes in the first game, and both of those were incomplete," Trembly said. "Otherwise, we just ran the whole first half. Everybody ran outstanding. The blocking up front was a big piece of that as well."

The game plan from the Wyoming coaches was to run the ball.

"Having the whole Midwest front to block up front, and with the talent we had, we didn't really anticipate throwing the ball a whole lot," Trembly said.

Wyoming is now 3-0 in the series vs. Nebraska.

"It's great to have the three wins," Baker said. "It's just a good deal because it's a state against a state."

Wyoming 68, Nebraska 26

On the first play from scrimmage, Nebraska scored on a 65-yard pass for the 6-0 lead.

"We knew that with their speed, and the size that they had at receiver, that was going to be their attack," Trembly said. "One of our defensive backs just took one too many steps forward. We got beat deep."

It didn't take the running combination of Seth Bennett of Meeteetse and Baker to take charge of the running game.

"We still had a lot of faith in our offense and our defense," Trembly said.

In the first quarter, Bennett had a 33-yard touchdown run, and Baker added a 49-yard run.

Before the first quarter was finished, Wyoming was up 20-6.

Wyoming scored 12 points in the second quarter and put the game away with 22 more points in the third quarter.

Baker also did damage at defensive end.

"Sterling put a lot of pressure on the quarterback," Trembly said.

Wyoming 20-12-22-14= 68

Nebraska 6-6-8-6 = 26

1st quarter

Nebraska: Travis Hoover (Hyannis) 65-yard pass to Wes Anderjaska (Wauneta/Palisade) - Nebraska 6 Wyoming 0 - 9:46 remaining (First play from scrimmage)

Wyoming: Seth Bennett (Meeteetse) 33-yard run - plus 2 - Wyoming 8 Nebraska 6 - 8:48 remaining

Wyoming: Sterling Baker (Dubois) 49-yard run - Wyoming 14 Nebraska 6 - 5:21 remaining

Wyoming: Story Penning (Hulett) 16-yard run - Wyoming 20 Nebraska 6 - 4:07 remaining

2nd Quarter

Nebraska: Jericho Vieyra (Maywood) 6-yard pass to Phillip Parker (Sioux County) - Wyoming 20 Nebraska 12 - 5:54 remaining

Wyoming: Bennett 35-yard run - Wyoming 26 Nebraska 12 - 5:02 remaining

Wyoming: Tate Stinson (Saratoga) 43-yard run - Wyoming 32 Nebraska 12 - 2:10 remaining

3rd Quarter

Wyoming: Bennett 45-yard run - plus 1 - Wyoming 39 Nebraska 12 - 9:36 remaining (First play from scrimmage)

Wyoming: Penning 49-yard run - Wyoming 45 Nebraska 12 - 8:56 remaining

Nebraska: Vieyra 14-yard run - plus 2 - Wyoming 45 Nebraska 20 - 3:58 remaining

Wyoming: Baker 3-yard run - plus 1 - Wyoming 52 Nebraska 20 - 2:42 remaining

Wyoming: Safety - Cameron Ray (Midwest) tackled Jacob Dibbern (Maywood) in the end zone - Wyoming 54 Nebraska 20 - 2:35 remaining

4th quarter

Wyoming: Kasey Guseman (Midwest) 13 yard run - plus 1 - Wyoming 61 Nebraska 20 - 9:46 remaining

Wyoming: Bennett 11-yard pass to Stinson - plus 1 - Wyoming 68 Nebraska 20 - 3:26 remaining

Nebraska: Anderjaska 17-yard pass to Austin Miller (St. Edward) - Wyoming 68 Nebraska 26 - 2:20 remaining

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