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Deliberately running over an animal 'not a nice thing to do'

Jul 2, 2014 - Nancy Eckstein, Riverton


Someone is running over cats for the fun of it. We have found six so far on Honor Farm Road and buried them. Three of them were mine.

I want to go to all those who go out of their way and close to a fence to run over cats. Yes, someone went 20 feet off of Honor Farm Road to run over a family pet cat that was not on the road.

Simba was a gold cat that we loved, and you went out of your way to run him over. What a horrible thing to find by your own fence. Please remember that not all cats that are loose are strays or feral but someone's loved pet. Cats help keep the mice population down. Please do not run them over. Many home owners on Honor Farm Road and North Smith Road let their cats out at night to do their hunting.

This is not a nice thing to do, running over animals. You know who you are, and shame on you.

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