CWC Lander residence hall scheduled to be complete Aug. 1

Jul 3, 2014 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

June's construction report at Central Wyoming College centered on two projects ongoing in the Lander area.

The first involves a new bunkhouse residence hall and upgrades to the orchard house at the CWC Sinks Canyon Center. During a CWC Board of Trustees meeting this month, Ron Granger, CWC's vice president for administrative services, said the bunkhouse has been completely framed, and the exterior walls are being installed. He anticipates that workers will begin moving furniture into the building by Aug. 1, and the completion date is set for mid-August so the facility is "ready for students when fall classes start."

The $804,000 building is expected to house 24 students.

"They call it a bunkhouse --and it looks like it on the outside --but when you go in it's nice," Granger said. "It's a nice place to be. At every corner there's a patio so students can go out and sit at any corner of the building."

Meanwhile, the old Orchard House at the Sinks Canyon Center is being renovated for dormitory use. Granger said work includes the installation of a fire suppression system along with new walls in the basement of the building.

"The fire suppression is being worked on now, and when it is complete the finished walls and ceilings for the basement will be installed," Granger said in his memo to the board this month.

Bathrooms also are going into the basement, with new sheetrock, paint, doors, furniture and equipment throughout.

Lander center

Bids were due in late June for work on CWC's new facility in Lander, which is "getting ready to start," according to Granger.

The facility is expected to cover about 8,000 square feet on state-owned property next to the Wyoming Life Resource Center. The State Lands Board in February approved a 50-year lease for the three-acre parcel, asking CWC to pay 9 cents per square foot, or $11,760 per year, to occupy the space.

Granger said five contractors showed up for the pre-bid meeting June 12, and the actual start of construction is scheduled for the end of July. The center will include four classrooms that can be opened up into two large classrooms if desired. A computer lab also is on the blueprint, as well as office space and an area for General Educational Development work.

Granger thinks bids for the work will come in higher than he budgeted, but he added that the increase would be "understandable."

"We started this two years ago," Granger explained.

He doesn't think the price will be a problem.

"We have a way to cover all this," Granger said. "We think we can do that."

The project is scheduled to be completed next summer, and the school will begin using the facility by fall 2015.

A groundbreaking ceremony will be scheduled for the end of July, Granger continued, prompting a question from board chair Charlie Krebs, who noted that the timeline was shorter in previous reports.

"I thought we had to turn the shovel before June 30," Krebs said.

Granger said the state's Construction Management division is in charge the project and is flexible with the schedule.

"They said as long as we're in our bid process we're in good shape," he said. "If the state says it's OK, it's OK."

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