Catching up on the Becker Bunch

Apr 25, 2012 By Carolyn B. Tyler

Two-fifths of the Becker Bunch, plus one, visited us over the weekend, giving us the opportunity to catch up on once-frequent subjects of this column.

The Becker Bunch are my great nephews and nieces, through my sister Linda on their father's side. My columns about the five of them date back more than two decades and finds them now ages 12 through 23.

In recent years, school and typical teen and pre-teen activities have limited the time we've been able to spend with them.

In fact, it had been three years, at the time of our mom's, their great-grandmother's, funeral since we'd seen any of them.

But this weekend, with a little time between winter and summer job responsibilities, Dylan, now age 21, and MaKenzie, now age 20, plus 'Kenzie's friend, Gerry, made the trek over the mountain from Driggs, Idaho, to spend the weekend with us.

A great weekend it was.

They were fun little children, they are wonderful young adults.

No, they didn't rollerblade down the back ramp this time, but they were great at throwing the ball that same course for the dogs to fetch.

Living in Driggs, Dylan and MaKenzie, and their older brother, Vance, are all involved in the tourist industry. Targhee was closing down the winter season last weekend and their summer jobs are opening this week.

One of MaKenzie's stories was of the weekend Targhee went all out to accommodate David Letterman and his extended family. Letterman made several references to wolves he had seen in Wyoming on his Monday show immediately after that trip.

As for 'Kenzie, at one point she found herself skiing a few yards behind the TV star down the mountainside and also rode the ski lift with his 7-year-old niece, who explained that her brother "had been on the show, but I'm not ready yet."

MaKenzie undoubtedly will have similar experiences over the summer to come as she conducts the children's program at an exclusive, private golf course in the Teton Valley.

Dylan, on the other hand, is a cook. He demonstrated his ability grilling out on my deck.

One couldn't help but be impressed at how thoroughly he scrubbed his hands before touching the food. Customers can dine with confidence.

Dylan was even able to make contact with an early childhood friend who lives in Riverton now, and MaKenzie likewise with a friend in whose summer wedding she is going to be a bridesmaid. So their visit here had a good variety.

Vance is pool manager at the golf course where MaKenzie will be doing "Kids Kamp" this summer, and we are looking forward to when he can make the trip to visit us, even if we don't have equipment for him to equally demonstrate his talent.

And we also look forward to promised visits from Hailey, who will be a high school sophomore and active in dance this coming school year, and Tristan, a sixth-grade budding inventor.

When I told a friend that a portion of the Becker Bunch -- Dylan, MaKenzie, and 'Kenzie's boyfriend -- where here for the weekend, she remarked, "Boyfriend? They can't be old enough for boyfriends and girlfriends, can they?

It amazes us too. And it amuses us the stories they tell of their little sister, Lilly, and her first-grade "suitors."

They do grow up, and it is so fun to see.

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