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'Start using our brains and our backbones' in this county

Jul 17, 2014 - Glenn Laidlaw, Riverton


I would like to comment on the recent CERA conference held on the 14th of this month. After reading Chris Pecks's column on the 20th of June, I found myself wondering who he is grinding his ax for.

I have lived in Riverton for 32 years and we have raised our family here. I worked for the federal government for almost 30 years and have seen how they operate. I would say that I am moderately conservative and am in no way a "bomb thrower" of any type. I attended the CERA conference the entire day on Saturday and did not see Mr. Peck there. There were probably only 30 Riverton area residents there and about 10 of those were tribal members. Congratulations to those who went.

Mr. Peck's statements that "CERA's purpose in life is to stir up trouble between Indian tribes and white people", and his validation of other's strong opinions like "CERA is in fact a white supremacy group that focuses specifically on anti-Indian meetings and mischief," leaves no doubt in my mind that he must be extremely wealthy and couldn't care less about the federal debt burden threat and what we all must pay in taxes every year. Or perhaps he is just stirring the pot in hopes of increasing the size of the editorial page and county readership. What ever the case truly is, shame on him.

I was quite pleased at the CERA's conference to hear educated and experienced speakers who's main goal was not to bash tribal members, but rather to educate the citizens of this county, all members of the county, about the problems of runaway government spending and rouge agencies that continue to expand, overreach and overspend on "their " ideas of a perfect world. The federal EPA has a very poor track record of science in this county. They botched the Pavillion water test wells pretty good. They are writing thousands of pages of regulations and implementation processes every month with associated penalties if you don't dance to their music just the way they want you to.

As I said, the meeting was civil, respectful to all parties and educational. If some are unhappy with the message presented, it could only be the fear that future plans will not be funded by the U.S. government, or should we say, the U.S. taxpayers. Wake up, Fremont County. Time to start using both our brains and our backbones for once. Education is good. As for Mr. Peck's poisonous prose, it is only one man's opinion.