Hill: Latest salvo by Legislature a 'smear campaign'

Jul 24, 2014 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE -- The special legislative committee investigating Wyoming schools Superintendent Cindy Hill released its final report on Wednesday, formally rebuking her and concluding she willfully violated state personnel laws and ignored state budget language aimed at preventing her from spending money on unauthorized teacher-training programs.

"Cindy Hill, for whatever reason, chose not to follow the law," the committee states in the conclusion of the 120-page report.

The report states that, after Hill took office in 2011, she fired or ran off most of the senior employees at the Wyoming Department of Education who knew how its budgetary, financial and human-resource processes operated.

"She replaced those long-term employees with persons who were loyal to her, but had little or no experience managing an entire state agency," the report states. "She refused to ask for legislative appropriations for her programs.

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