Parade needs you

Jul 24, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Here are a few ways almost anyone can participate

The Fremont County Fair deserves a proper kickoff in the public eye, and the fair parade is a great way to do it.

Please consider entering that parade. If you can't manage that, then come out and watch it.

The parade moves from West Main Street through downtown Riverton early Saturday evening. Yes, this goes against old-time tradition which put the parade on the last day of the fair, not the first, and in the morning not the evening -- but this is how it's being done now. The thing to do is make the most of it. Start and build on new traditions. Participating is precisely the way.

With the parade just three days off, you might assume it's too late to enter.

It isn't.

In fact, the parade can use all the entries it can get. Repeat: The bigger the better.

"Kids, Kritters and Kool Knights" is this year's county fair theme. A lot of good parade ideas can be found on that theme. Truly, though, just about anything goes.

Here are some ideas:

- Is there an old car in the family? Some old clothes? An old piece of farm or yard equipment? Fire it up, put them on, show it off.

- Is there a club you belong to, or a sports team, or a musical group? Get together for the parade. You'll be cheered and applauded.

- Do you have horses, dogs, cats? Pot-bellied pigs? A pet bison? The parade audience enjoys animals. Sign up.

- Is your church celebrating a birthday? Is your class having a reunion? Is 2014 the anniversary of something important from the past? Paint a banner and line up for the parade, and share your history with the community.

- Maybe you have a hobby -- like disc golf or bird watching, quilting or tuba-playing. Find a way to make it part of the parade.

- Do you work with a group of children, perhaps in a scout troop, a swim team, or at a child care center? Round them up and march (and buy ice cream afterward).

- Did you do a 4-H project you're proud of? Plan to enter some of your handiwork in the fair parade.

- Still have Mom's dress from the fair fashion show 40 years ago? The parade-watchers would love to see it.

- Maybe you and your friend like to goof around. Put together a lawn-tractor convoy, or a folding-chair brigade, or buy eight rainbow wigs, or put on Halloween masks and call yourself the Fair Scare Patrol.

- Do you hold an elected office? Your public awaits.

- Are you running for office? The primary election is less than a month away. Enter the parade and press the flesh.

- Do you sit on an important board or commission? Make a sign and let people see your face. You, and they, deserve it.

All this is to say nothing of the institutional floats, bands, military groups, law enforcement agencies and firefighters which are counted on to bulk up the parade each year.

If you'd like to enter, there's still time. Contact the fair office at 856-6611. Or, if you don't care about being in the program or being judged in one of the various parade categories, just line up on West Main Street at the end of the line by 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

The county fair parade is intended to showcase the best of Fremont County every summer. Everyone loves a parade. Enter it and see for yourself.

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