Change at the top

Jul 31, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Central Wyoming College is seeing it, and everyone is involved

One of several tests to prove the worth of any institution is how well it handles changes at the top.

Central Wyoming College's viability has been demonstrated and proved long ago in many different ways but it's been awhile since the change-at-the-top test has been part of that demonstration.

That's what happens when you have a president on the job for 25 years, as the recently-retired Dr. Jo Anne McFarland was at CWC.

Now, however, the transition is under way. McFarland has left the president's office, and the new chief executive, Dr. Cristobal Valdez, is on the job.

From the start he has pledged to make contact with people around both the campus and community, going so far as to promise to meet every college employee in person.

Not only that, but the college formally has announced a series of public get-togethers for the new president from one corner of Fremont County to the other. The idea is for citizens to see Valdez in a community setting away from campus, to shake his hand, look him in the eye, and -- let's face it -- size him up a little.

He's already got the job, but an important part of succeeding in it will be winning and maintaining the support of the public whose taxes are assessed in part to fund the college and pay Valdez's salary.

He's doing his part by scheduling public availability around the county this summer. The community must do its part as well, starting with getting to know the man -- and letting him get to know us.

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