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Raise for county workers not really very generous

Aug 4, 2014 - Ray Price, Lander


A comment in a recent editorial needs clarification. Specifically, "There is a significant, broad-based piece of generosity in the new (Fremont County) spending plan, a significant raise for Fremont County employees."

Although this salary increase of 4 percent is better than the proverbial "poke in the eye with a sharp stick," it does not begin to cover the cost of living increases we have seen since the employees last got a raise.

Additionally, it does not compensate for the benefits recently taken away from county employees. Those benefits involved were reduction of acquired sick leave and removing the four hours of personal time for each employee per month.

It has either been forgotten or does not matter that the four hours of personal time per month was given to county employees some years ago in lieu of a salary increase.

So, essentially, removing the personal time is a cut in pay.

The voice of the employee has been turned down and muted of late. The voice of the county employee has been lost. Employee input on the health committee and the personnel policy committee has been reduced to nothing over the years.

A number of years ago, when the personnel policy committee was formed in Fremont County, employees as well as elected officials served on that committee. I know because I was a member. Now the committee is formed only of elected officials. Employees have no voice.

I think it would be a good idea for this community to do as some cities did some years ago (example: Denver) and choose a book all should read. Then community members could discuss the book with people they meet.

I would suggest George Orwell's "Animal Farm." It is a great book, an easy read, very profound, and is much easier to absorb than Harmon and Mayer's "Organization Theory for Public Administration."

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