Tuesday notes

Aug 5, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Wet one

No one will ever confuse the Riverton Valley with Puget Sound, but we are having what seems to be a wetter warm-weather season than normal. Monday's damp day was a repeat of a not-uncommon occurrence since spring arrived.

The forecast calls for more or less the same for the next few days, and there isn't another super-hot day in sight. Things can change, of course, but those mid-90s "dog days" of August aren't on the radar yet.

Fire watch

So much for the red-flag fire warning in Fremont County. No sooner had it been issued than a period of rainy weather arrived, followed soon after by the one that wet things down Monday.

It all means that a fire is unlikely immediately -- but also that this year's dense burst of grass, weeds and underbrush probably will grow even more in the days and weeks ahead. Historically, wildfire season really kicks in during August, so practice meticulously safe procedures with fire anytime -- and anywhere -- outdoors.


The 2014 Fremont County Fair ended officially with a big day and night Saturday and some wrap-up activity Sunday. Under the broad umbrella of familiarity, every fair is a bit different from the others.

Among its many distinctive moments and unique exhibits and exhibitors, this year's fair featured some of the best entertainment in memory. Word of mouth on the jousting competition was widespread and enthusiastic -- and it packed the place.

On a smaller scale, the Alley Cats and roving one-man band got good response. Above all, juggler Charles Peachock was nothing short of fabulous. Anyone who saw his spectacular show came away awed by what he can do. Much fun.


Today's edition completes our concentrated page-one fair coverage for the year, but we still have our Fremont County Fair Scrapbook in the works. It's the special edition featuring more pictures and, we think, the ribbon results of every judged event and exhibit at the fair.

We always take a couple of weeks to produce it, because we want to give the junior livestock exhibitors who would like to run small thank-you ads to their buyers a fair chance to get those to us.

Look for the Fremont County Fair Scrapbook later this month.

Primary election

Just two weeks are left before the 2014 primary election in Wyoming. For newspaper purposes, that means we have just 10 editions left before Election Day. So, we hope you like election coverage, because Ranger readers are going to get a lot of it over those 10 newspapers.

A couple of other election notes: The last day we plan to publish letters to the editor on the election is Aug. 15, although under some circumstances a political letter might be published for Aug. 17.

Also, our 2014 Primary Election Voters Guide is scheduled for publication on Aug. 17.


An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa is gaining worldwide attention. This is not the first appearance of Ebola in the past 25 years, but it appears to be the worst.

Aside from the obvious, two observations come to mind. First, the outbreak is serious and is being taken seriously. But more people will die in the United States this month from car wrecks than have died from Ebola in recorded history, to say nothing of gun deaths, cigarette deaths and obesity deaths. Yes, let's be concerned about Ebola. But here in this country, particularly in Wyoming, there is no reason for worry.

Second, the Ebola episode demonstrated again the position our nation holds in the world. American experts are arriving on the scene to take charge of prevention, isolation efforts, hospital protocol and treatment.

When there is trouble of this sort in the world, the call for help is made, first and foremost, to 1-800-USofA.

Here's to a good week.

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