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Traffic jam around fairgrounds was not 'the end of the world'

Aug 11, 2014 - Deena Fennenberg, Riverton


I enjoyed the Fremont County Fair very much, and I think part of the reason I did was that I didn't too much of my time getting upset about the road construction and the traffic problem near the fairgrounds.

I went on three different lights, and only one of those, Tuesday, was the traffic really all that bad. I looked around at some people in other cars and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw how upset they were getting.

It was almost like they thought the road construction was being done deliberately to inconvenience them as they try to get to the fairgrounds. Such a waste of energy.

We are all in this together. The road job needs to be done, and it takes a long time to do such a big project. The only time to do it is when the weather is warm, and it only gets done something like every 30 years or more.

Some people acted like this was the end of the world. All it was was a little traffic jam. Get over it.

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