Apr 27, 2012 The Associated Press

Court takes term-limits case

CHEYENNE (AP) -- The Wyoming Supreme Court has agreed to decide Secretary of State Max Maxfield's lawsuit challenging term limits for statewide elected officials.

Maxfield is now in his second four-year term as secretary of state.

He filed a lawsuit last fall as a private citizen challenging the law that sets term limits for statewide elected officials.

The Wyoming Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that term limits were unconstitutional in regard to state legislators. The ruling came in response to a legal challenge by two state lawmakers.

Work starts on failed well

CHEYENNE (AP) -- Workers at a blown oil well that's been spewing large quantities of natural gas in eastern Wyoming have begun trying to plug the well with mud. The operation began about 9:30 Friday morning and was expected to take several hours.

The newly drilled well owned by Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy blew out Tuesday afternoon. Potentially explosive methane gas has been roaring from the ground at the site five miles northeast of Douglas. The situation prompted an evacuation advisory for 67 people living within two-and-a-half miles.

Fifty people heeded the advisory but have been allowed to come and go from their homes.

Town won't change government

GREEN RIVER (AP) -- The Green River City Council has decided to stay with the mayor and city administrator form of government.

In an executive session, the council made the decision to keep the existing organization where most of the city authority is centered with a mayor and councilmen and a professional manager directs staff regarding council decisions.

Green River Mayor Hank Castillon says the review of its government structure issue arose as the city searched for a new city administrator. That process will continue.

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