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Political attack ad on LeBrun was inaccurate, unfair and unethical

Aug 14, 2014 - Chuck Starks, Riverton


In regards to Mr. Rose's recent advertisement in the Sunday Ranger, l am disappointed in him. I would certainly expect more from a man in his position.

He used his title as Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney to lend authority to his letter. He used the title of his office to slam and try to discredit his boss's opponent for Fremont County Attorney, Patrick LeBrun.

Mr. Rose used wonderful references to our U.S. Constitution, while slipping in his boss's opponent's name with false and misleading accusations. It appears he must have had Mr. Bennett's blessing to use the title of his office in doing so. He even used the supreme law of our land to try to give authority to his innuendos.

Now it also appears he has used his title of office for personal political gain as he works under Mr. Bennett. If that is not illegal, it is certainly unethical. Mr. Bennett either needs to clean up his office, or step aside. We, the voters, can certainly do it for him.

We have found Patrick LeBrun to have compassion for the victims of crimes while maintaining fairness for the accused and respect for the law. He is rock solid.

I ask the voters of Fremont County to please vote for Patrick LeBrun for Fremont County and Prosecuting Attorney. He is an honest man of his word. He will be trustworthy, fair, very capable and reasonable in administering justice for all of the citizens of Fremont County.

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