Tuesday notes

Aug 19, 2014 Staff

Casting ballots

Election Day, primary style, has arrived. Voters in significant numbers already have voted through the rapidly expanding early-voting procedure (hope you didn't have a change of heart about your candidate since you hurried to vote), but the biggest numbers of voters still visit the polls on Election Day itself.

Surely it goes without saying in 2014, but voting is an important public privilege, opportunity and responsibility. The old saying "every vote counts" can seem trite, but a similar, and perhaps better, ways of looking at it is this way: In the voting booth, the rich campaign contributor or three-term incumbent is the same as anybody else.

No one's vote is any more important than yours.

Dems deciding

There aren't many Democrats on the primary election ballot, but that could change in a few days. It's possible for someone who didn't file in advance of the primary to gain a spot on the general election ballot via the write-in process.

There were whisperings late last week about a couple of such possibilities in an organized way. We'll soon see whether some unpredicted general election races take shape after all.

Debates on TV

Riverton-based Wyoming PBS did a good job in its series of televised debates last week on the big races in this year's primary elections. Working cooperatively with Wyoming Public Radio, which aired the debates live as well, our state's only PBS television station provided a valuable service for anyone who wanted a deeper view of the campaigns and the candidates.

While we're on the subject, The Ranger is appreciative of the role we were allowed to play in the debates, and we'll volunteer gladly to take part again in the fall should our services be needed or desired.

Fair scrapbook

Coming this week is The Ranger's annual Fremont County Fair Scrapbook. It's being printed first thing Thursday for inclusion in The Ranger and Lander Journal on Aug. 27 along with the Wind River News on Aug. 28.

The Scrapbook is intended to present the results of all the judged events at this year's Fremont County Fair, and it probably will have some new pictures in it as well that weren't part of our previous fair coverage.

Diversions schedule

The Fremont County Fair Scrapbook is one of the things affecting our normal publication schedule for another week or two. We won't be printing a separate Diversions Section B in our Sunday edition this weekend so that we can accommodate printing of the Scrapbook.

And the following Sunday could see a similar situation as we prepare and print our annual fall hunting and outdoors edition. It might mean there won't be a Diversions that day, either.

Election night

For more than 60 years our newspaper office has hosted an election-night get together for candidates and voters. We're continuing the tradition this year, and you are invited.

We provide some light refreshments while interested candidates and members of the public meet and greet each other in The Ranger newsroom.

It also gives us the chance to shoot some pictures for our election coverage and to speak with candidates as they observe the news staff gather election results.

The doors open at 7:30 p.m. and stay open until the votes are counted. It's always enjoyable, and often downright exciting. We'll have the lights on Tuesday night at 421 E. Main St. in Riverton. Stop by for a cookie, a glass of punch, and some election night conversation and people-watching.

Here's to a good week.

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