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WCC volunteers on a 10-day conservation project in county

Aug 24, 2014 From staff reports

The crews helped with resource management work on Crooks Creek, Middle Cottonwood and Cooper Creek.

Wyoming Conservation Corp recently volunteered alongside state lands' staff members for a 10-day conservation and resource management project sponsored by Devon Energy in Crooks Creek, Middle Cottonwood and Cooper Creek in Fremont County.

The program ran July 7 to July 16. This will be the seventh year Devon has sponsored the WCC in support of preservation, restoration and education projects in Wyoming.

The goal of the partnership is to help preserve and protect public and state lands while providing University of Wyoming students with a hands-on learning experience about the diversity of management activities handled by the State Board of Land Commissioners, as well as energy development throughout Wyoming.

Projects throughout the 10-day volunteer program included:

- Crooks Creek: Conifer trees increase the intensity of fires, which can damage riparian areas. State lands' employees and WCC volunteers helped to remove a conifer encroachment from Crooks Creek before a prescribed burn by the Bureau of Land Management.

- Middle Cottonwood: To preserve and protect State Trust Lands, camping is prohibited in undesignated areas. State lands' employees and WCC volunteers constructed a fence along the Green Mountain Loop next to Middle Cottonwood Creek to prevent camping and to protect riparian areas from damage caused by camping.

- Cooper Creek: In an area that suffered a wildfire in the 1970s, state lands' employees and WCC volunteers gathered to thin a lodgepole stand to prevent stunted growth and to reduce the chances for a fire in the future.

- Devon Energy Education Day: Devon Energy hosted its annual education day July 11 for University of Wyoming WCC volunteers, which included a hands-on field tour in Fremont County and classroom discussion about energy development throughout the state.

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