Help take care of 1838 site before it is too late

Aug 24, 2014 Lew Diehl, Riverton


I was requested to have a portable toilet at the 1838 rendezvous site for use Aug. 15, 16 and 17 by the Riverton Jaycees, who had a permit to at the site.

I was called to come and get the unit because the Jaycees discovered about six young people camped in the Roost. Damage to the roost was fairly bad --tables stacked with all kinds of food and drink, a fire ring in use in the center, one of the storage room doors was broken, and one of the fire rings was being used as a latrine.

The activity was reported to the Fremont County Sheriff, and a deputy was there pretty promptly. Some in the group were recognized, and others will be. What specific legal action is unknown to me at this point.

Last year the new restroom facility down by the three Hampton Ponds was vandalized and made unusable. It is still locked up until someone comes along who will volunteer to help get it cleaned up and fixed.

This 200-acre area is the public's land. It is such a fantastic place to go -- close to town, walking trails, shelters, information science, and access to the two Wind Rivers. Please help take care of it all before it is lost to the community.

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