Tuesday notes

May 1, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

'Tis the season, already

Another summer-like week is in store for the Wind River Basin, if the weather forecasters have it right (which they almost always do). The fact that we officially aren't even halfway through spring doesn't seem to matter very much to Mother Nature this year.

The leaves are out, the lilacs are in bloom, the water is in the ditches, and what figures to be a much longer growing season than normal has begun.

Fourth cutting, hay growers? Now that really would be something.

A little wetter, please

Now all we need is a brief interruption or two for a nice spring rain in the low lands and a couple of new blankets of snow for the mountains to ease any drought concerns for the season.

It's highly possible in May, as last year proved. Fingers crossed, everyone.

Graduation edition

The Ranger's annual Fremont County Graduation Edition is coming up later in the new month. If you are a parent, a grandparents or other family member, a coach, a teacher, a pastor, a neighbor or an employer of a 2012 graduate, a congratulatory or good luck ad in the grad edition is a nice way to express your appreciation to that accomplished young person.

The graduation photographs, coupled with the congratulatory messages, make for a unique, memorable product that is as much a keepsake as it is a newspaper edition. Please consider a "happy graduation" ad this year. And don't delay -- the deadline is fewer than two weeks away for the edition scheduled for May 16.

On the energy trail

While we're on the subject of special editions, work also has begun on The Ranger's 57th annual Mining and Energy Edition. Veteran reporter Don Warfield again is heading up the newsgathering operation in the field, and we'll have bylined contributions for all Ranger news staff members as well.

It's always an interesting year in Wyoming energy news, but this one is a little bit more tense than most. Prices for coal and natural gas are lower than we'd all like, and the uncertainties and political pressures of a big election season also play into the mood and spirit of Wyoming's bedrock economic force.

All that points to an interesting and important Mining and Energy Edition as well. For the record, it is being published Wednesday, June 20 -- the first day of summer.

Thou in the Dow

Nine months ago this week, the U.S. stock markets seemed to be in a free fall. After one of the big credit rating agencies downgraded the rating of the United States -- the entire country -- from AAA status, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stumbled and skidded through one of its worst weeks ever.

On the day after the biggest in a series of drops in August, we wondered what would happen if an imaginary investor sank an imaginary $1,000 into an imaginary stock index whose performance was based solely on the rise or fall of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Through three quarters of a year, it's been a good bet. As of Tuesday morning, that "thou in the Dow" would have grown to $1,152.56.

Drawing with flowers

If you were April's lady,

And I were lord in May,

We'd throw with leaves for hours

And draw for days with flowers,

Till day like night were shady

And night were bright like day;

If you were April's lady,

And I were lord in May.

-- Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909),

from his poem "A Match."

Enjoy this pretty May Day, and here's to a good week.

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