CES gets construction grant; zone change OK

May 9, 2012 Emily Etheredge, Staff Writer

The City of Riverton has secured a Wyoming Business Council Council Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $194,305 on behalf of Community Entry Services.

CES has committed $100,095 to contract with Gary Burnette of Cardinal Design to prepare plans and specifications for the project to remodel the Johnson Rehabilitation Center at 2441 Peck Ave.

The city originally contracted with Nelson Architects on the review of the plans but found several conditions that officials felt would make it difficult to secure an accurate bid from contractors.

Public services director Bill Urbigkit addressed the Riverton City Council on Tuesday and said the city advertised for a construction manager at-risk -- the person who will oversee the project.

"We received five proposals to provide services of completing the plans and specifications according to CES's direction," Urbigkit said. "With a specific budget in mind and after conducting interviews of the top candidates, CES would like to award the project to Sehnert Systems Inc. as construction manager at-risk."

Council members voted to approve Sehnert Systems as construction manager at-risk.

Zone designation

On the third and final reading, the city council approved the zoning ordinance designating the Wyoming No. 2 Canal addition as Residential District B.

The property was acquired when the city purchased land that extended Major Avenue through Riverview Road. The property will be sold, and the sale is contingent on the zoning of the parcel. The Planning Commission conducted a public hearing for this zoning procedure March 22 and recommended approval.

The City Council had a public hearing and approved the ordinance on first reading April 3 and on second reading April 17.

Meeting minutes

Resident Babs Kruse addressed the council after noticing an extra phrase regarding the Fuechsel rezone request had been added to the council minutes from the April 3 meeting.

"I am hoping the council has a way to correct the minutes that have already been approved at a previous meeting, because this seemingly minor difference could be confusing in the future and lead to some opposing interpretations," Kruse said.

The wording published said that councilman Eric Heiser moved and councilman Todd Smith seconded the denial of the Fuechsel rezone request until the property access issue was resolved. The council minutes implied that once the access issues for the Fuechsel property were resolved, the rezoning request would automatically be revived for discussion.

In actuality, the council denied the request without the possibility for further discussion.

Warpness said the oversight was human error.

"I have the opportunity to sign off on the minutes, and I reviewed them and missed this," Warpness said. "My father used to say that if you aren't making any mistakes, then you aren't doing anything."

City clerk Courtney Bohlender said the minutes are not taken word for word, and after being publicized and made into a public record, to publish the minutes again would cost $300 or $400 a word.

City administrator Steven Weaver suggested adding the discussion to the minutes for the May 1 meeting and not republish the ones already published.

Warpness said the rezoning request was killed at that time and wanted the community to be aware it was not open for discussion again.

"I really appreciate Babs bringing this to our attention and think it is good that the community is having that attention to our oversight," Warpness said.

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