State's population could be the fourth-oldest by 2030

May 10, 2012 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE (AP) -- The Wyoming Department of Health is calling attention to the aging of the state's population and says residents should consider how to address that trend.

The 2010 census found that 12 percent of Wyoming's population was 65 years old or older. The same age group makes up 14.5 percent of the population in Fremont County.

Using current demographic trends in its estimate, analysts at the health department say that by 2030 more than 32 percent of the state's population will be over age 60.

At that point, Wyoming's population would make it the fourth oldest-state in the nation.

The health department says the state's aging population should prompt a discussion about whether it has enough health care providers and whether it needs more housing and home care options for seniors.

Wyoming is the least-populous state in the United States.

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