Riverton opens Babe Ruth season

May 11, 2012 Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

The Rockies collected a marathon 21-16 victory vs. the Giants in the Riverton Babe Ruth League season opener Wednesday night.

The first pitch was tossed at 6:15 p.m., and the seven-inning game lasted almost four hours to complete. The league has four Riverton teams and two Lander squads. The league is for 13-to-15-year-olds.

"We ran the bases well against the Giants," Rockies manager Frank Lajeunesse said. "Overall, we played a good game."

The Phillies and the Angels are the other two Riverton teams in the league.

The regular season ends June 25. The league will have a tournament on June 26 with the semifinal games. The title game is June 28.

Brian Hughes and Daryl Fullerton coach the Phillies. Cody Myers and Mike Broadhead will guide the Angels.

Lajeunesse and Mike Gard make up the coaching staff for the Rockies.

"It looks like the Angels will be tough," Lajeunesse said. "It seems like all the Riverton teams are equally matched."

Mike Axthelm and Cody Beers guide the Giants.

"The Rockies are a really good team," Axthelm said. "The Rockies only lost two games last year, and it looks like they are going to be right where they left off last year. You expect the first game of the season to be a little higher, but not that high."

The league plays games Mondays through Thursdays with games in Riverton and Lander.

"If we get a few practices under our belt then I think that everybody will be very competitive," Axthelm said.

Opening night

The Rockies scored eight runs in the first inning to surprise the Giants.

The Giants came out of the hole and took the lead 14-13 in the final stages of the game.

The Rockies retook the lead by crossing home plate seven more times in the final two innings for the win.

Josh Oaks pitched the first few innings and was relieved by Francisco Pereda. Oaks came back on the mound to close out the game.

"It worked out well to bring Josh in the game," LaJeunesse said. "Our pitching held the Giants to a couple of runs in the last few innings."

Baylor Beers, Robert Buline, Ryan Axthelm, Steven Reining all pitched for the Giants.


Members of the Phillies are Anthony Allen, Kaden Bloomquist, Teron Doebele, Alex Fabricus, Brandon Fullerton, Andre Goodman, Sean Hughes, Avery Hatfield, Eion Lange, Austin Locker, Jason Treadway, Josiah Washington, Wyatt Wichelhaus and Tyler Woodward.

Players on the Angels are Ruston Conder, Patrick Cornell, Niko Garcia, Grant Hosking, JD Jaeger, Michael Larsen, Dustin Krostue, Kole Lonebear, Jordan Mills, Bailey Myers, T.J. Paulsen, Zacharee Tenlen and Nate Young.

Brayden Draper, Tyler Farrar, Travis Fisher, David Gard, Jacob Goodman, Cody Jones, Devin Matsen, Tyler Matsen, Oaks, Trevor Salcedo, John Werbelow, Braxton Lajeunesse and Pereda play for the Rockies.

Selected for the Giants are Axthelm, Baylor Beers, Tyler Boysen, Buline, Lane Dykman, Tyler Landis, Antone Monroe, Matthew Reinig, Steven Reinig, Caleb Richmond, Kevin Schmidt and Kylan Shultz.

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