Tuesday notes

May 15, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

One last hurrah?

Few of us would ask for a repeat of last May's unseasonably cold, wet weather, when snowfall was still commonplace. We're loving the beautiful, warm spring, but one little last hurrah for Old Man Winter would put many minds at ease as summer inches closer. It's dry out there.

Salute to graduates

A familiar sign of the season is the arrival of The Ranger's annual Graduation Edition, featuring graduation schedules, speakers, class colors, songs, flowers and mottoes, and pictures of our county's diploma-earning grads, plus congratulatory ads from businesses and families.

Look for the edition in Wednesday's Ranger and Lander Journal, and we urge you to do business with the advertisers who support your local newspaper.

Water tests

The collective eyebrows of Fremont County were raised last week when Department of Energy lab tests failed to corroborate claims of elevated uranium levels in drinking water near the old Susquehanna uranium mill tailings site.

Worries of residents in the area run counter to those test results, but for the moment there is reason to be relieved about the new data. The top monitoring lab in the government says the water is not ruined by uranium after all. More to come, undoubtedly.

Thou in the Dow

The stock market has taken a whipping in the past week as the entire world economy watches with a combination of exasperation and nervousness as Greek leaders flail away at trying to solve that nation's internal economic problems which, in turn, are intermingled with the economies of the all the developed nations on Earth.

A solution apparently has been arrived at several times before, but each time it has fallen apart. Now there's even talk of another election in June, not even half a year since the last one.

While the Greeks try -- again -- to get their hummus together on this problem, our imaginary Thou in the Dow investment suffers. Just the week before last it was at its high for the year, but as of Tuesday the thousand bucks invested in the up or down movement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since August would have been valued at 1,111.40.

Ag appreciation

A nice crowd turned out, as always, for the Fremont County Agriculture Appreciation Banquet on Saturday night at the Fremont Center at the county fairgrounds. Several of the award recipients were deeply moved by the recognition they received and, so, the audience was moved as well. There were some nice moments the participants won't forget.

We've got the pictures, one of which is on today's front page. Look for others in the days ahead.


Get ready for a new name in Fremont County education: Fort Washakie High School. A new, full-fledged, full-service high school is on the way to state approval of "unification," which is a long word meaning it's time to add a high school to what has been a K-8 school district.

Unification probably won't stop there. Look for Arapahoe District 38 to do the same thing in the relatively near future. K-8 schools districts aren't going to be allowed any more in our state.

Filing time

Local election season has arrived. The candidate filing period for partisan offices begins Thursday. On Wednesday we'll publish a story reporting the pertinent dates, the various offices that are open, who holds them now, and who already has filed or, conversely, opted not to run.

Then the real actions starts. We'll update daily during the filing period as we begin our extensive coverage of what promises to be a humdinger of an election year.

Here's to a good week.

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