RMS thinclads win conference title

May 15, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Three individual titles and one relay title helped the Riverton seventh-grade boys win the conference track and field meet Saturday, May 5, in Green River.

The Spartans rolled up 99 points. Green River finished second (93 points) and Rock Springs was third (81). Other teams in the field were Evanston, Davis Middle School (Evanston), Lander, Lyman, Star Valley, Rawlins, Mountain View, Farson, Saratoga, Pinedale, Cokeville, Jackson, Little Snake River, Big Piney and Kemmerer.

"They did an outstanding job," RMS coach Travis McIntosh said. "They were ready to compete and get after it. I wouldn't say that we had a lot of first-places, but we had a few here and there."

Kylan Shultz led the seventh-graders winning the high jump (5-0) and the triple jump (33-3.50). Hunter Lee was first in the shot put (35-1) and second in the discus (97-6).

"The kids were getting personal records at the meet," McIntosh said. "They were improving all day."

Shultz, Alec Richardson, Brady Fullerton and Coy Bennett crossed the finish line first in the 4x200-meter relay (1:58.74).

"It seems like they were always finishing first or second place in the meets," McIntosh said. "They did what we expected them to do."

Webb wins four

Seventh-grade Nancy Webb turned in a solid performance in Green River as she took home four individual titles.

Webb finished first in the long jump (13-9.50), triple jump (31-0), 200 meters (29.67) and the 100 meters (13.7).

"We have a few good throwers, as well as in the jumping events," McIntosh said. "They are sprinkled out a little more. They are a pretty well-rounded group."

In the seventh-grade girls team standings, Riverton placed second at 86 points. Star Valley won the meet with 101 points. Pinedale placed third (58), and Jackson finished fourth (49).

Chailynn Hines (69-11.50) won the discus title, and Caitlin Bedard, Morgan Dona, Jordan Lewis and Jenna Leicester were first in the 4x200-meter relay (2:15.34).

Eighth-grade boys

The RMS eighth-grade boys finished 0 points out of first, but the Spartans were fourth overall in the team standings.

"It was a very tight meet," McIntosh said. "We have a few throwers, and a lot of sprinters. We just have a good mixture of kids that are willing to do an extra of things to get their team some team points."

RMS scored 60 points in the close race for the team title. Rock Springs won the title (69.50) and Star Valley finished second (64), and Green River ended third (62).

Tanner Frymire, Antone Monroe, Terrell Oldman and Trevor Salcedo finished in the top spot in the 4x200-meter relay (1:56.76). Dillon Hunt, Steven Reinig, Nick O'Halloran and Tristan Smith collected a conference title in the 4x400-meter relay (4:09.90).

Smith was first in the 800 meters (2:34.57).

Eighth-grade girls

"They did outstanding," McIntosh said. "They didn't have any distance runners. They are really strong in the sprints."

RMS scored a fourth in the team standings (61 points). Rock Springs and Lander tied for first (71 points). Green River was third (67.5). .

"They only had 11 girls in all," McIntosh said.

Katelyn Jennings, Michaela Kechter, Jordan Shells, Kelsey Wells had the fastest time in the 4x200-meter relay (2:03.78). Kaylee Lewis, Ryann Stassinos, Derean Thornley and Alex Verosky ran to the fastest time in the 4x400-meter relay (4:51.58).

Wells had the best throw in the shot put for a title at 26-9.

Riverton Middle School results only from Conference meet in Green River on May 5


7th grade

Shot put -- 4. Chailynn Hines, Riverton, 22-10.25.

Discus -- 1. Chailynn Hines, Riverton, 69-11.50.

Long jump -- 1. Nancy Webb, Riverton, 13-9.50.

Triple jump -- 1. Nancy Webb, Riverton, 31-0; 5. Jenna Leicester, Riverton, 27-0.

800 meters -- 1. Nancy Webb, Riverton, 29.67; 5. Bailey Wilson, Riverton, 2:57.01.

100 meters -- 1. Nancy Webb, Riverton, 13.7.

4x100-meter relay -- 6. Riverton (Taryn Caress, Kodi Dower, Makenzie Valerio, Kylie Yorgason, 1:06.12.

4x200-meter relay -- 1. Riverton (Caitlin Bedard, Morgan Dona, Jordan Lewis, Jenna Leicester) 2:15.34.

4x400-meter relay -- 7. Riverton (Madyson Jones, Bailey Wilson, Kaylie Gopp, Shelby Wilson) 5:56.22.

8th grade

Shot put -- 1. Kelsey Wells, Riverton 26-9; 7. Kierra Muehler, Riverton, 22-7.50.

Discus -- 3. Kierra Muehler, Riverton, 61-5; 7. Kelsey Wells, Riverton 56-4.

Long jump -- 4. Michaela Kechter, Riverton, 13-11 6. Kaylee Lewis, Riverton 56-4.

100-meter hurdles -- 3. Kaylee Lewis, Riverton, 18.76 8. Jordan Shells, Riverton, 19.81.

800 meters -- 8. Ryann Stassinos, Riverton,, 3:01.32.

400 meters -- 5. Kaylee Lewis, Riverton, 1:09.63; 7. Katelyn Jennings, Riverton, 1:09.95.

200 meters -- 3. Jordan Shells, Riverton, 29.01 8. Michaela Kechter, Riverton, 30.10.

4x200-meter relay -- 1. Riverton (Katelyn Jennings, Michaela Kechter, Jordan Shells, Kelsey Wells) 2:03.78.

4x400-meter relay -- 1. Riverton (Kaylee Lewis, Ryann Stassinos, Derean Thornley, Alex Verosky) 4:51.58.


7th grade

Shot put -- 1. Hunter Lee, Riverton, 35-1; 3. Wyatt Wichelhaus, Riverton, 31-0.

Discus -- 2. Hunter Lee, Riverton, 97-6; 4. Wyatt Wichelhaus, Riverton, 85-11; 5. Kaleb Groesbeck, Riverton, 82-11.

Long jump -- 5. Coy Bennett, Riverton, 14-3.50; 8. Brady Fullerton, Riverton, 13-7.75.

Triple jump -- 1. Kylan Shultz, Riverton, 33-3.50; 6. Alec Richardson, Riverton, 32-5.

High jump -- 1. Kylan Shultz, Riverton, 5-0; 2. Brady Fullerton, Riverton, 4-10.

1,600 meters -- 3. Jacob Bench, Riverton, 5:55.22.

400 meters -- 3. Alec Richardson, Riverton, 1:03.7.

200 meters -- 5. Coy Bennett, Riverton, 28.35; 8. Alec Richardson, Riverton, 28.72.

4x200-meter relay -- 1. Riverton (Kylan Shultz Alec Richardson, Brady Fullerton, Coy Bennett) 1:58.74.

4x400-meter relay -- 6. Riverton (Ethan Aycock, Jacob Bench, Jayd Dion, Adam Weaver) 5:03.66.

8th grade

Discus -- 4. Baylor Beers, Riverton, 113-7.50.

Long jump -- 4. Antone Monroe, Riverton, 16-2.

800 meters -- 1. Tristan Smith, Riverton, 2:34.57; 5. Tanner Frymire, Riverton, 2:42.71.

400 meters -- 3. Tristan Smith, Riverton, 1:00.6; 6. Steven Reinig, Riverton, 1:03.59; 8. Nick O'Halloran, Riverton, 1:04.48.

200 meters -- 3. Antone Monroe, Riverton, 26.1.

4x200-meter relay --1. Riverton (Tanner Frymire, Antone Monroe, Terrell Oldman, Trevor Salcedo) 1:56.76.

4x400-meter relay -- 1. Riverton (Dillon Hunt, Steven Reinig, Nick O'Halloran, Tristan Smith) 4:09.90.

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