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Appreciation for senior citizens center, in verse

May 18, 2012 - Kathleen G. Watts, Roque Bluffs, Maine


I would like to share what our Riverton Senior Citizens Center means to me and to many others, I'm sure:

What do you do when your spouse has passed on?

When your children have all gone away?

Do you sit there and pine

and grow bitter, and whine

and wish you were dead every day?

When there's nothing to do

that's exciting or new?

Grandkids are nice,

but that just doesn't suffice

You need something to stimulate you!

For me "senior center" is just the right thing;

You meet new and old friends just your age

Old memories are shared

that make you feel glad

and bring you right out of your blue!

This center n Riverton is special,

I share lunch with new friend and old

Then cribbage is fun, or other games too

It's a group that puts new life in you!

God made us each one to be caring

To be loving and kids -- that is true

At the center I find this renewing

God's blessings to each on one of you.

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