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Supporting Habitat for Humanity
Wells Fargo Housing Foundation has awarded a grant to Habitat for Humanity, Wind River County for $15,000. From left to right, Erin Shirley from Habitat for Humanity, Araceli Vargas, Amy Frazier and Tammy Leisy.

Wells Fargo awards grant to Habitat

May 18, 2012 - Staff

Wells Fargo Housing Foundation has awarded a grant to Habitat for Humanity, Wind River County for $15,000. The funds will be used for constructing Habitat for Humanity's 15th home in Fremont County for low-income families. Habitat has purchased four lots from the City of Riverton on the old Riverton Hospital site, and construction will begin on the first of the four homes in the next few weeks.

Habitat chose a family for the upcoming construction in 2011. The family then selected the lot and the house plan. Local volunteers will come together for constructing the home, and the chosen family will be required to contribute 500 hours of sweat equity on the jobsite. Nationwide 80 percent of all Habitat homes are built for single-parent families with young children in the home. The chosen family for the upcoming project is a single mother with three young children. Completion on the project will be the fall of 2012, in time for the holidays.

"It's always rewarding for our Wells Fargo team to work with Habitat for Humanity and further the dream of homeownership for deserving families," said Tammy Leisy, store manager for Wells Fargo in Riverton. "Working together, we can create safe, decent housing, increase the number of homeowners in Riverton and strengthen our community."

Habitat welcomes groups, business, and individuals to volunteer on the jobsite. Any and all skills can be used on the jobsite. Habitat will have a workday with local Wells Fargo team members with Habitat supervisors and the chosen "partner family." By partnering with local businesses and volunteers who may, or may not know the partner family, the community can come together and support the affordable housing solutions needed in Fremont County. Previous to this upcoming construction project, local Wells Fargo team members have been on Habitat construction sites in Riverton, Pavillion, Shoshoni, and Lander.

Habitat for Humanity Executive Director said "We love having our partners on the jobsite. Wells Fargo has been a funder on these projects of the last few years and are great to work with. We put them to work doing very different kinds of tasks than they are used to in their professional careers and they have been just great. On the Lander project we had them hanging siding on the house up on scaffolding and they were really good workers. We like to remind people that you don't have to be skilled carpenters to be on one of our construction sites. It takes many skills to get our homes built with volunteers and we feel Wells Fargo team members are great examples of what can get done with the right motivation. They are good sports, we can get them to do just about anything on the jobsite. We really appreciate their continued support for our program." Wells Fargo Team members from the local bank branch will be on the construction site this summer.

For information about how to help with this construction project, volunteer for the ReStore in downtown Riverton, how to donate to Habitat, or need just general information about the program call Erin at 857-2997 or stop by the Habitat location at 305 E. Main St. in Riverton.

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