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Tuesday notes

May 22, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Holiday housekeeping

First, a note on some Ranger business: The Ranger and Ranger Printers both will be closed Monday, May 28, in observance of Memorial Day.

We will be open as usual Tuesday morning, and no scheduled publication dates will be affected by the holiday.

A high low

Monday brought what felt like a record high temperature for Riverton, but it was several degrees short. Check our daily weather almanac for the specifics.

Beyond that however, is the weirdly warm night that followed.

Individual thermometers varied by a degree or two in either direction, of course, but it's accurate to say that it was still in mid- to upper 70s as midnight approached. It surely had to be about as warm as meteorologically possible Monday night at this point in the year in this part of the country. Strange in the extreme.

Influence in ink

Was it mere coincidence that the same day we ran a big, bold, front-page headline reading "Riverton residents asked to conserve water" there was a major rainstorm that didn't clear completely for almost 18 hours?

Or was it the power of the press?

Hmmm ... perhaps we'll try another test. How about "Citizens asked to preserve $100 bills," or "Citizens asked to preserve ice cream"? Who knows what positive developments might follow.

Shrunken sun

Who saw Sunday's much talked-about solar eclipse? In the Riverton Valley, not very many of us.

The clouds that banked on the western horizon around sunset, right as the eclipse was occurring, obscured it for almost everyone.

A Ranger news staffer was hiking at higher elevations, however, and she got a look at it with both her eyes and her camera.

In central Wyoming, the sun had a bite-out-of-a-cookie appearance for the few minutes the eclipse lasted.

Thou in the Dow

For only the second time in the nine months since we started our hypothetical investment experiment of putting $1,000 into a stock fund based solely on the up-or-down performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the "Thou in the Dow" has taken a prolonged beating.

The famed index lost value for 11 our of 12 trading days ending Friday, down more than 5 percent overall.

Fortunately, it had risen by almost 15 percent before that, and the losses still left it riding pretty high for the nine-month term.

There was a nice run-up Monday, and as of Tuesday morning the $1,000 would have been worth $1,199.46.

Going for three

Once again a thoroughbred racehorse has a chance to achieve something that hasn't been done since the 1970s: win horse racing's Triple Crown.

The horse called I'll Have Another has chased down front-running Bodemeister twice, first in the Kentucky Derby and again Saturday in the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico in Baltimore.

The horses get a three-week break now before the final leg in the series the Belmont Stakes in New York.

It's the longest of the three, usually run in the hottest weather and when the horses have already been tested severely.

The favorite's name will be especially meaningful June 9 at Belmont Park. I'll Have Another would very much like another -- and so would sports fans, most of whom haven't seen a Triple Crown in their lifetimes, or, if they have, don't remember it.

Market start-up

The first installment of the downtown Riverton farmers market was a success Wednesday. This isn't exactly harvest time for a lot of local produce, but there was enough there to give buyers a taste of the Earth -- not to mention the oven and the corn popper, thanks to the nice array of baked goods and popcorn that was available along with the early garden goods.

The farmers market returns Wednesday, May 23, on North Broadway Avenue just past the Main-Broadway intersection.

With the kind of growing season that's shaping up, it won't be long before the available fare swells to an impressive array.

Give it time. The downtown farmers market is bound to get better each and every Wednesday.

Here's to a good week.

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