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Six towns represented in state pitch, hit and run
Riverton 13-year-old Teron Doebele blasted a baseball into the outfield Sunday during the Wyoming State Pitch, Hit and Run competition at the Ron Saban Baseball Complex. Photo by Bruce Tippets

Six towns represented in state pitch, hit and run

May 23, 2012 - By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Riverton 13-year-old Teron Doebele displayed his baseball skills Sunday afternoon winning the oldest age division in the Wyoming state Pitch, Hit and Run competition at the Ron Saban Baseball Complex.

Doebele came out on top in the boys 13-14 age division, scoring 863 points.

Doebele was one of three Riverton players to win state titles.

In the girls 7-8 division, Demi Stauffenberg finished first at 592 points. Gracie Olheiser placed second (175) in the same division.

Blake Dale won the 7-8 boys division (484 points). In the 11-12 boys age bracket, Ben Hoopengarner was second (702 points), and Dillon Lange came in third (608).

Competitors threw at a strike target from the pitching mound six times.

"I thought that I did pretty well," Doebele said. "My pitching wasn't the best. I just try to do my best and have a lot of fun."

Doebele is playing in the Riverton Babe Ruth league. He won the state title two years ago.

"I was maybe a little nervous about state," Doebele said "State is a big deal."

In the hitting stage, batters hit a baseball off a tee three times.

"My dad (Mark Doebele) and I worked on my hitting before state," Doebele said. "We worked on getting under the ball and getting some distance, and hitting it down the middle. That helped me out."

Doebele hit the fence a couple of times.

"There is a lot pressure hitting three balls of the tee," Doebele said.

Participants ran from second base to home in the final stage.

"Each score is converted into a point system, and then you total the points," R Recreation director Mary Axthelm said.

The state event had baseball players from Sheridan, Pinedale, Wheatland, Rock Springs and Cody.

The players needed to win local competitions in order to compete at state. Riverton held its local event Saturday at the Ron Saban Baseball Complex.

Riverton local results from Pitch, Hit and Run held on Saturday



Pitch -- Demi Stauffenberg.

Hit -- Gracie Olheiser.

Run -- Demi Stauffenberg.

Overall champion: Demi Stauffenberg, 492 points.



Pitch -- Cameron Kazee, Blake Dale.

Hit -- Blake Dale.

Run -- Blake Dale.

Overall champion: Blake Dale, 548 points.


Pitch -- Konner Gaston.

Hit -- Konner Gaston.

Run -- Konner Gaston.

Overall champion: Konner Gaston, 610 points.


Pitch -- Dillon Lange.

Hit -- Ben Hoopengarner.

Run -- Dillon Lange.

Overall champion -- Dillon Lange, 846 points.


Pitch -- Teron Doebele.

Hit -- Teron Doebele.

Run -- Teron Doebele.

Overall champion -- Teron Doebele, 852 points.

Riverton results from Wyoming State Pitch, Hit and Run Sunday afternoon



1. Demi Stauffenberg, 592; 3. Gracie Olheiser, 175.



1. Blake Dale, 484.


3. Konner Gaston, 545; 7. Cameron Kazee, 332.


2. Ben Hoopengarner, 702; 3. Dillon Lange, 608.


1. Teron Doebele, 863

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