Day reporting center for at-risk students to return to Riverton

Aug 9, 2015 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The program provides education to youths who are involved with the court system and face expulsion from school.

A day reporting center for the county's at-risk students is returning to Riverton.

Fremont County School District 25 superintendent Terry Snyder reported in June that superintendents from around Fremont County agreed it is best to keep the youth close to home.

"We wanted, as county-wide superintendents, to keep them in their homes and keep them local," Snyder said.

The center will provide education to at-risk youth who are involved with the court system and face expulsion from school for offenses such as fighting or drug or weapons possession.

Center students

Services will be provided on the second floor of the Tonkin Activities Center of the old high school on Main Street.

Students with the new Frontier Academy Alternative School also will occupy the building. The Wyoming Department of Education and Fremont County Board of Cooperative Education Services have offices in the facility as well.

Last year, youths were sent to Lander, and before that they were accepted in Riverton. Three quarters of the students involved in the program are from Riverton, Snyder said, so it seems reasonable to move the program back to the city.


The districts plan to hire a teacher to provide instruction at the day reporting center.

Snyder said there has been a struggle with the "quality of staff" in the past because the staff had worked alone. This time, the district plans to encourage a professional partnership between the day reporting center teacher and the alternative school staff.

"We think we can get a better quality person if they have support," he said. "They really struggle, because they're on their own."

He said alternative school staff won't be working with the day reporting center students, but they will be able to offer a "professional camaraderie."

"And if there's some professional development things they can get involved with, we want to help with that also," Snyder said.

The students enrolled in the day reporting center still will count under their respective school districts' average daily membership count. School districts will pay for the students based on the number of days they attend the center.

"As a sponsoring school district, we have to keep track of that, and we have to make sure we keep it separate, as far as the budgeting part," Snyder added.

The district hopes that services such as career and family counseling and outreach programs can be developed within that system.

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