City's website now features 'Video Tour of Riverton'

Aug 12, 2015 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Newcomers to the city of Riverton or potential residents have a new resource they can use to learn about the Rendezvous City.

With the city's cooperation, the marketing company CGI Communications, Inc. has created a "Video Tour of Riverton" which appears on the city's website,

The welcome video opens with Mayor Lars Baker introducing the footage that is intended to show why Riverton is an "exciting place to visit, work and raise a family," he says.

City administrator Steven Weaver said the city did not have to pay for the videos because local businesses agreed to advertise on the page that appears when a viewer clicks the link.

"They came here and made videos of things locally," he said. "To give people who may want to relocate here an opportunity to see what Riverton has to offer."

The videos are about one minute long and include footage of Main Street, the Riverton Branch Library, the River Walk, Wind River Hotel and Casino, as well as schools, businesses, recreational events, parks and medical facilities.

This marketing tool has been used in the past, Weaver said, and it highlights the city and what it's like to live here, and it gives local businesses an opportunity to get more customers via the Internet.

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