Soccer camp stresses skill, smarts

Aug 12, 2015 By Scott Akanewich, Sports Editor

A soccer ball bounded across the turf of Wolverine Field as the sun beat down Wednesday morning during the Hot Shots Soccer Camp put on by R Recreation.

Maci Evans, a coach at the camp, was stressing the fundamentals.

"Well, they're pretty little," Evans said of her 6- to 10-year-old contingent. "So, we're just working on the basics, like keeping your head up and defensive drills."

Evans, a Riverton High School graduate and four-year varsity footballer, praised her campers for their enthusiasm.

"At this young an age, they're a bit limited skill-wise," the former goalkeeper said. "But the stuff they can do, they're good at."

It's been said speed can't be taught, but speed was on display Wednesday.

"One thing they can do is run really fast," Evans said with a smile.

Starting these youngsters out early is critical to their development as players down the road, she said.

"If you don't know how to play early on, you won't know what you're doing later on," Evans said. "Even when you get to the high school level, you can tell which players really understand the game."

Who knows? Perhaps the next Landon Donovan or Mia Hamm was on the field Wednesday.

Only time will tell.

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