Triathlons coming up in Riverton and Lander

Jun 24, 2012 From staff reports

For the second consecutive year, sprint triathlons are planned in both Lander and Riverton this summer.

Both share common goals of getting people moving to better enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

The events allow individual and team competitors. Both are the shorter "sprint" triathlons that start with a swim of 606-yards (Riverton) or 750-yards (Lander), followed by a 13-mile bike ride and finishing with a 5-kilometer run.

First on the county calendar is the Go Fremont County Sprint Triathlon in Riverton on Saturday, July 28. The Lander Sprint Triathlon is set for Saturday, Aug. 18.

Lander Triathlon organizer Chantel Bowen believes there is more interest already for this year's events.

"There are more bikes on the road in Lander than I have ever seen, and the pool is just packed. People are getting ready and getting geared up," Bowen said.

Lara Miller is also excited for the triathlon in Riverton.

"We hope that people participate either individually or as part of a team. If you're not sure you can do a complete triathlon on your own, there is still an opportunity for you to do one or two of the legs of the event with one or two teammates. Call a friend and participate. We hope people participate in both county triathlons," Miller said.

The Lander triathlon will swim in heats, with participants completing their swims in the same lane at the Lander swimming pool. The Riverton event uses a serpentine-style course that seemed popular with competitors last year. The serpentine style has swimmers begin the swim portion of the event in lane 1 and finish in lane 8. Riverton's swim event is at the Riverton Aquatic Center.

"There is no need to have counters. When you finish in lane 8, it's on to the bikes," Miller said.

Entry fees for the Lander triathlon are $45 for individual

participants and $105 for teams prior to August 1. For the Go Fremont County triathlon in Riverton, registration fees are $40 for individuals and $60 for teams prior to July 1.

Both Fremont County events are part of the Wyoming Multi Sport Challenge, although participants do not need to commit to participate multiple events.

The first event in the series already has taken place in Gillette. The other races that are a part of the series are the Casper Riverside Triathlon (June 30), Big Horn Canyon triathlon in Lovell (July 7), Cody Summer tri-sprint (July 21), Go Fremont County sprint triathlon (July 28), Powell Sugar Beet Triathlon/Duathlon (Aug. 4), Lander Sprint Triathlon (Aug. 18) and Laramie Duathlon (Sept. 8).

"We want to have a lot of participants. We want people to come out and have fun an move their bodies. We want to encourage a lot of teams and enjoy the day," Bowen said.

Registration information is available at Gannett Peak Sports, Teton Athletic Club or on-line at (Lander) and (Riverton).

Both events are looking for volunteers. Volunteers interested in helping at the Go Fremont County triathlon can call Miller at 851-0478 ,and volunteers interesting in helping with the Lander Sprint Triathlon can call Bowen at 335-7678.

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