Past reservation stars meets in fun all-star game

Jun 24, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

A team of former county greats edged an all-Wyoming Indian High School alumni team 93-91.

FORT WASHAKIE -- Al C'Bearing likes being a positive role model for the youth of Fremont County.

The former Wyoming Indian High School and Chadron State standout basketball player had an opportunity Thursday night to play with some of his old teammates and some of the rising stars from WIHS, Wind River and St. Stephen's in an all-star basketball game at Rocky Mountain Hall in Fort Washakie.

The county all-stars edged the Wyoming Indian alumni 93-91 before a good crowd.

"It was good to get out here and show sportsmanship," C'Bearing said. "There was a lot of young kids here . Little do we know that these kids look up to us. It was good to preach teamwork and about doing the right thing. We just wanted to come out here and perform for them and show people a good time."

C'Bearing helped the Chiefs win a state title in the 2001 season, and a runner-up finish in 2000 in the Class 2-A basketball ranks.

"Basketball is a serious thing out here on the reservation," C'Bearing said. "We all go to open gym, and we don't take it lightly on the younger players. That is why we keep on reloading. We don't rebuild because we are always harder on our younger generation."

The Chiefs won the Class 2-A state title again this year under the direction of coach Craig Ferris.

Ferris was in the stands Thursday, but his younger brother and WIHS assistant coach, Michael Hiwalker, was the coach for the Wyoming Indian alumni team.

"It was a privilege to play in such awesome company," C'Bearing said. "We are very humbled and honored to be selected to play."

Dani White, Tahnee Robinson, Tony Redman, Kenny Dobbs, Brandon "Werm" LaCue, Tyson Lonebear, Sokai Mills, Jesse Brown, Cole Littleshield and Lorenzo Roman were on the county all-stars.

"I thought that everybody was going to come down the court and be shy but everybody went out after each other," Hiwalker said. "That is what everybody likes."

The game had four 10 minute quarters.

The Wyoming Indian alumni had a chance to send the game into overtime, but a Lorezno Underwood layup didn't go in the final few seconds.

"I think that Underwood got to high," Hiwalker said. "I thought that it was good and that we were going to go into overtime."

Toni Valdez, Anneshia Hill, John Soundingsides, Slade Spoonhunter, Leland Hill, Jerry Redman, Chaske Valdez and Beaver C'Bearing played for the Wyoming Indian alumni.

Robinson and Dobbs signed a number of autographs after the game.

Dobbs is a Sprite slam-dunk champion. He performed a number of dunks for the crowd during the halftime period.

"It wasn't me all together," organizer David Meyers said. "Kenny put the idea into my head more than anything. He just wanted to be a part of the events that are going on. It was his idea. He just wanted to come and perform.

After playing basketball at Lander Valley High School, Robinson played collegebakk at Sheridan College and at the University of Nevada. She was later the first American Indian to be drafted into the Women's National Basketball Association but did not make the team.

Spoonhunter reaction

"I liked it a lot being on the same team with John and Chaske," Spoonhunter said. "It was just like the old days."

Spoonhunter is training for his sophomore season at Eastern Wyoming College.

"I kind of started it again," said Spoonhunter about going to college. "I like it because it gets the kids off the reservation and gets them in a college atmosphere.

Lone Bear and Brown signed national letters of intent this spring to continue their basketball careers.

Lone Bear will be attending Central Wyoming College for the 2012-13 season.

Brown will be at Northwest College.

Brown and Lone Bear played a vital role in Wind River's third-place finish in the 2012 Class 3-A state tournament.

"They are two very good players," Spoonhunter said. "They are very talented and they are both taller than me. They are very strong."

Hill is playing next winter for Central Wyoming College and coach Serol Stauffenberg.

"I like to see Anneshia going to play college basketball, especially from Wyoming Indian," Spoonhunter said. "You don't see that very often."

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