Riverton Little Leaguer shines at Coors Field in Pitch, Hit and Run

Jun 24, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Demi Stauffenberg proved she isn't afraid of the big stage.

The Riverton 8-year-old won the regional Pitch, Hit and Run competition for her age division Saturday, June 9, at Coors Field in Denver.

The competition was held before the Rockies played the Los Angeles Angels.

"I was very surprised that I won," Stauffenberg said. "I was so excited. I was jumping around. I was so happy."

Stauffenberg had to win the local and state competitions before being invited to Coors Field.

The local and state competition were held at the Ron Saban Baseball Complex in Riverton.

This was the first time Stauffenberg has been in the competition.

"I decided to do it because I love baseball so much," Stauffenberg said. "I thought that it was going to be kind of difficult to do and get to Coors Field."

Coors Field

At Coors Field, Stauffenberg smacked a ball 110 feet from a tee at home plate.

"I felt that I did pretty good with my hitting," Stauffenberg said.

In the pitching competition, Stauffenberg hit the target twice out of six attempts from 35 feet away. She missed one of the attempts by an inch.

In the running competition, Stauffenberg ran a time of 9.5 seconds from the shortstop position to home plate to clinch the title.

"The experience was just so exciting to be down on Coors Field," Stauffenberg said. "I have also watched the Rockies in Arizona for two years in spring training."

Besides winning the title, Stauffenberg said she had the opportunity to meet Colorado Rockies left-hander pitcher Matt Reynolds. "He shook our hands, and I got a photo with him," Stauffenberg said.

Stauffenberg plays for the Red Sox in the Riverton Little League minis division for 7-8-year-olds.

'Fun ride'

Stauffenberg is the daughter of Central Wyoming College women's volleyball coach Tiffany Stauffenberg and athletic director and women's basketball coach Serol Stauffenberg.

"I think that it helped her playing in AAU tournaments before," Tiffany Stauffenberg said. "She had some tournaments where she had gone through before. I think that made it a little bit easier on her." Tiffany Stauffenberg enjoyed all the steps her daughter made to make it onto Coors Field.

"It has been such a fun ride," Tiffany Stauffenberg said. "We weren't sure when we took her down to the local competition what we were in for."

Tiffany Stauffenberg was amazed on the way her young daughter handled the pressure of playing on Coors Field on such a young age.

"We were sitting right about the dugout watching her compete," Tiffany said. "Serol and I were both so proud of her. She just seemed so relaxed. She didn't seem like she was nervous at all."

The Central Wyoming College volleyball coach said Demi is always around the gym with volleyball and basketball athletes.

"She has an advantage," Tiffany said. "We don't push anything on her. If she enjoys it, then she keeps doing it. We are not making her do baseball over softball. It's just something the decided to do. She has done very well at it."

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